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May 27, 2010

What Inspires: The Knot Magazine

I love Rebecca from The Knot Magazine. She is one of my favorite people in the world. She makes me glad to be in this business because the passion she has for her job rubs off on me! I was super excited to have her guest blog on Inspired By This today! Thanks Rebecca!

Inspired by: the energy of the wedding photography community

Photo by Mel Barlow

First, I have to admit I am a full-on 100% photo geek. I honestly never imagined I could achieve my dream to be a photo editor. I still count my lucky stars that I was ever hired by The Knot, and the surprise of how much I love my job truly inspires me every day! So I’d like to take a step back and recognize the hundreds (thousands?) of photographers I’ve been working with since 2004. My job fully relies on the submissions we receive at The Knot and I’m so grateful for the talent that is contributed to our brand.

It wasn’t very long ago that wedding photographers were completely disregarded as a force in the photo world. There’s been a gigantic grassroots effort of smart business owners coming together raising awareness of wedding photography. Clever use of search engine optimization information, blogging, social media, and powerful branding works. I love seeing commercial photographers and other photo agencies taking interest, and it’s incredibly humbling to watch it all happen.  I applaud the efforts of these extremely savvy and talented photographers for raising the bar!

Here’s some images from photographers I’ve consistently been working with since day one at The Knot.

Photo by Elizabeth Messina

Photo by Jesse Leake

Photo by Jonathan Canlas

Photo by Kristen Spencer

Photo by Lisa Lefkowitz

Photo by Red Loft Studios

Photo By Shelly Kroeger

Leila and Tony, I wish you all the best and am so excited to see your photos from our friends!

  • Darcy

    I love the Knot! That was my go to site while i was planning my wedding!

  • Love her hair in the third photo from the bottom. Very soft and romantic looking 🙂

  • George Ross

    A nice set of inspirational wedding photographs, thank you.

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