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  • Inspired by Eat Pray Love Inspiration Weddings - Inspired By This

    Inspired by Eat Pray Love Inspiration Weddings

    I just saw the movie Eat Pray Love (read the book last year) and I think it changed my life! Haha not really, but it inspired me to want to just pack up and travel the world by myself. Even the title, Eat Pray Love, is inspiring – so full of simplicity, but those three things are really all you need in life!

    Eat: We all have to eat! But why not eat some delicious cheese, wine, and fruits? During my honeymoon I took full advantage of the Italians and ate a lot of amazing pastas, breads, and gelato. What brings more joy than spending time catching up with people over a scrumptious meal?

    Pray: No matter what higher power you pray to, prayer is so important for your mental health. Yoga, meditation and quiet moments of reflection are key ingredients to a peaceful life.

    Love: All you need is love! What would a life be without love? It’s the purest, most selfless emotion and we should all strive to include more love in our lives!

    Every wedding should have some Eat Pray Love inspiration. A wedding is the perfect place to combine all three of these – when else do we get to eat, pray and love with all the people most important to us!


    Photo by Erin Hearts Court

    Photo by Max Wanger

    Photo by Our Labor of Love

    Photo by Jessica Johnson


    Photo by Wildflowers Photography

    Photo by Clayton Austin

    Photo by Amelia Lyon

    Photo by Jose Villa


    Photo by Anna Kuperberg

    Photo by Tec Petaja

    Photo by Leigh Miller


    • http://www.kayleent.com Kayleen T.

      Love this post! I have yet to see the movie, because chick flicks + my movie partner/hubby don’t mix! :)

    • http://www.writeshot.com Natasha

      Eat Pray Love made it into my blog, as well, but for a much different reason. Kudos to you for finding wedding inspiration in a story about a woman’s post-divorce liberation.

    • Karen

      Love the last Love picture! she looks so happy!

    • Alana

      I love that you got inspiration from the book/movie in that way! All I want to do now is go to Bali!!

    • http://www.leighmillerphotography.com/blog leigh miller

      i just saw this! its so fun to see julie and tommy here. they are a great couple!