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Feb 28, 2016

Wedding Planning Advice for the Newly Engaged

If you’re engaged, or soon will be, we’re about to help you navigate the road from the moment you said “Yes” to when you say “I do!” These wedding planning tips from the pros will ease the stress that can come with planning (one of) the biggest day of your life – no pressure :).

Wedding Planning Advice for the Newly Engaged - Inspired by This
Couture Events

Be Creative: Whatever you are dreaming: it can happen! Do something different, think outside of the box, and make sure that every detail has you in it.

Stay Organized: There is a lot to keep track of for your special day and being organized makes all the difference. Create a binder and keep everything in there: receipts, inspiration boards, contracts, etc.

Think About Your Guests: What ambiance do you want to create for your guests? While this may be your special day you cannot forget about your friends and family who have traveled and spent their time to come celebrate with you.

Enjoy Your Day: From Beginning to End Our motto is, “Keep Calm and Carry On.” Don’t let the wedding 
get the best of you, don’t get stressed out over the little details- ENJOY the planning process. A big trick to this is to hire vendors you trust!
All You Need Is Love Events

1. Hire someone! Between work, life, friends, and everything else you have going on,it’s okay to ask for help to do some of the (many) tasks on your plate!

2. You don’t HAVE to allow plus 1’s. We always tell our clients, would you invite this person over for a dinner in your home that costs you over $350 per person? If not, don’t feel bad not inviting them to your wedding.

Love Anne Joy

Be authentic to you, your fiancé, and your relationship.  If you’re not the white dress kind of gal, don’t wear the white dress. Incorporate traditions and formalities that are important to you to ensure your wedding reflects your unique relationship and personalities.


Wedding Planning Advice for the Newly Engaged - Inspired by This
Makeup by Nicol Artistry, Photo by Hitched Photo
Nicol Artistry
1. Be sure to have all the bridesmaids come with dry hair. Blow-out’s take up a lot of time. If you want to run a tight ship in a timely fashion, be sure your wedding party ditches the damp hair before they arrive.
2. Talk to your makeup artist about a touch up kit. After your bridal makeup trial, have your artist email you all the products he or she will be using the day of the wedding. Then you can go purchase some key items to touch up with so you stay looking fresh as a daisy!
3. Get ready in great light! Instead of a stuffy, neon lit hotel room, try to find a bright lit Air B&B or 
large suite facing the sun. Natural light is crucial for mastering a makeup look.
Adina’s Bridal
1. Don’t buy a dress that is too small with the hopes of losing weight before your wedding. I have worked with many brides who come to me a month before their wedding because they can’t fit in the dress that they originally bought. I always advise brides to buy a dress that is a little too big, because it’s much easier to get a dress taken in, rather than let out! 

2. Consider wearing a reception dress.  Many brides love having an outfit change mid-way through the 
reception so they feel more comfortable and can dance the night away!

1. Think about what you want to do in your wedding dress – dance, hug, sit, jump!, etc – and then make sure you try doing those things before making the final decision on which gown to buy.

2. Don’t miss out on the dress of your dreams – plan ahead and order as early as possible, 6-12 months before your wedding date is ideal.

3. Consider two looks in one dress for your wedding: look for convertible dresses that can be worn 
long or short. 

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