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Aug 26, 2009

Scenic Florida Wedding

I received an email a while back of a beautiful scenic Florida wedding shot by Christi Nelson of Rawsii Photography. Josiah and Danielle were recently married in Fort Meyers, Florida and are the selfless founders of a non-profit organization called Sonnyvilla. The pair are both in full time ministry, which doesn’t afford for a lavish wedding. The focus of their wedding is the beautiful scenery and bride and groom . I love the soft color of the bridesmaids dresses and how they compliment the scenic views of the ocean. More than the images, I love  the story of how it came to be that they booked their photographer. The story is full of details that have to be more than coincidence. Check out the full story on her blog! You can also follow Christi on Twitter.

Wedding party and ceremony

Josiah and Danielle swatch copy


Groom and son













  • Camilla

    I absolutely love the belted Grecian dresses! And what a beautiful bride and groom! Great Post- Thanks Leila!

  • Anne

    the ceremony is so simple and romantic.. i LOVE it. and the colors of the sky and

  • haha, these are my friends! They go to my church.

    Yea, when I first saw the wedding pictures I was blown away!

  • Beautiful wedding and these images are just stunning!

  • Our church is blessed to have Josiah and Danielle as part of our family! As a beach lover myself, I was totally blown away by their photos. Especially the fact that instead of a unity candle, they did sand. Josiah’s black sand came from Mt. Vesuvio and Danielle’s white sand from good old Florida. I love that idea!

  • Thank you so much for such a beautiful write up! I’m humbled! It was such an honor to be involved in Josiah and Danielle’s wedding and to witness the hand of God in their lives. They glowed…both of them…with love for each other, for God, and for everyone around them. I went to give, but I ended up receiving. Incredible experience!! I’m so glad that you featured them and I hope everyone will check out Sonnyvilla too! It’s such a worthy cause!

  • Though the bride, Danielle and I are realated through marriage, this is not intended to be biased in any way. I believe that this is the most incredible photography of a wedding I have ever seen. The photographer is incredible, but the bride, groom and little Jackson made these photos and this wedding, picture-perfect! What a joy to have had the chance for a recent visit with this family when they came to Wisconsin. God is using them daily and I know that he will prosper them for all they are so freely willing to give. Keep up the good work and thanks for featuring this wedding here. Kristi

  • A lovely couple and very romantic!… and the cake is gorgeous:)

  • Beautiful couple and a beautiful wedding!

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