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Mountaintop Engagement Photos in Colorado

We don’t know which is more magical – the Telluride scenery or this couple’s chemistry in their mountaintop engagement photos! The pair walk on dusty paths, along the river, and over hills hand in hand – in boots, of course :). Hannah Mayson Photography followed them all the way, making sure to get every sweet glance, giggle, and cute kiss. And they will all be back at the same stunning location to celebrate the wedding day soon! Talk about a perfect engagement session!

Hannah says, After waiting out crazy afternoon thunderstorms, ending the evening by popping champagne and enjoying magical mountaintop sunset just felt right. After getting engaged in the middle of tiny, charming Telluride, Colorado earlier this year, Alissa and Shelton decided it would be the perfect place for their engagement photos and their wedding (coming in 2018!). And they were right! Being surrounded by 14,000 foot mountains means breathtaking views from every direction. We have never met a couple more kind, generous or joyful than these two and are so in love with the emotion in their engagement pictures!

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