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Aug 10, 2009

Inspired by These Back to School Weddings

“Students please take out your books and turn to page 115.” It’s that time again, kids all over the nation are going back to school. Shopping for school supplies before going back to school was a favorite activity of mine all the way up to my Senior year of college. Who knew a new folder or ream of paper could be so thrilling? Walking around Target and seeing all the colorful bins of school supplies got my mind wandering…what if you allowed school supplies to be a muse for your nuptials?  Seems like a grade A idea to me. Below are some ideas of how you can create a smart looking back to school wedding and a feature from Martha Stewart of a couple who certainly makes the grade. All photos from Martha Stewart weddings.

An apple for the teacher

apple cake martha

apple kids table

candy apple martha

Class please take out your pencils

Save the date pencils

save the date pencils

Typed out Guest book

type writer guest book martha

Minhee and Truman’s Wedding in Fullerton, California

Minhee and Truman at desks

Minhe and Truman Wedding Printingplace cardsMinhee and Truman Pop quizcenterpieceMinhee and Truman lunch traysfavors


  • Such a cool and creative idea!

  • So cute! Thanks for sharing, Leila!

  • kellee

    I love this!!! So original…. tired of the same old…. It’s nice to see people breaking the mold.

  • so creative. 🙂

  • Love this! So creative and cute!

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