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Jun 02, 2009

Inspired by The Bride’s Cafe



As a long time fan of wedding blog The Bride’s Cafe, it is a privilege to be able to share with you the woman of integrity and kindness who stands behind it. Janie Medley is strength, beauty, talent, and heart all rolled into one. In her past Janie has had to overcome some personal trials and devastating challenges which has in turn taught her to be a resilient and passionate person who makes it a point to cherish each day. Because of this she values how powerful and precious life and people can be and this is eminent in the truth and love behind each post she writes. Janie splits her time between her successful Washington DC floral design company, Janie Medley Flora Design and the fabulous blog The Bride’s Café, where her enticing posts draw in over 7,500 readers each day.

Many brides, photographers, wedding planners, stationers and other loyal readers are in love with The Bride’s Cafe’s approach to the “edgy. sophisticated. romantic” elements of weddings. Even the media can’t get enough of her work! She’s  been featured in Instyle Weddings magazine as one of their preferred wedding blogs and has graced the beautiful pages of  The Knot and Bride & Bloom magazines. Virgina locals may have even caught Janie’s on air television debut on the CBS affiliate, “Virginia This Morning”.


One of Janie’s stunning bouquets photographed by Open Air Photography

Since Janie is a floral designer extraordinaire, it’s appropriate to ask you if you think there is some insight to someone’s personality based on the type of flowers they like. I’d like to think so, and it’s no surprise to me why Janie’s favorite flowers are tulips and peonies. They represent the same grace, elegance and welcoming presence that she does. When I asked Janie what inspires her  in the wedding business and in life it was both simple and heart warming: her mom! “My mom is my biggest inspiration! She raised me to be a strong woman and to always be positive  no matter what life throws at me. I have to make the best of it; it will truly always work out if you just have faith and do the right thing. My faith gets me through each and every day.” Undoubtedly Janie inspires many of us everyday and as an avid reader and supporter of everything she does, I want to thank her for continuing to raise the bar of style, class, and excellence in the wedding industry. Follow her on Twitter!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from posts that have been featured on The Brides Cafe

( click on the image to be taken directly to the feature on Janie’s blog)

alisha-hurt1Photography by Alisha Hurt

alisha-hurt-2Photography by Alisha Hurt

tbcBouquet by Flowerwild

5Photographed by Leigh Miller

1Photography by Steep Street Photography

4Photographed by Leo Patrone Photography

2Bouquet by Flowerwild

Kate Headley PhotographyPhotographed by Kate Headley Photography


Bouquet by JM Flora, Photography by Open Air


  • Great feature! I’m a big fan of Janie’s too. Love her work and have been a loyal blog follower as a photographer and bride-to-be!

  • Such a big fan of hers too!

  • I love her blog….it’s so fresh & pretty 🙂

  • shes seriously fab. btw, loving your site! its great!

  • Thanks Leila…you are SO sweet to feature me on your beautiful site…and thanks to your wonderful readers for the sweet comments…love you all…xoxo!

  • What an incredible post! Janie is truly an inspiration to so many. I’m a huge fan and appreciate her beautiful sense of style. She is living proof that through hard work, passion, perseverance and integrity, great things will follow.

  • Janie is hands down the real deal. I have never met anyone quite like her and the wedding and blogging industries are lucky to have a woman of such integrity and grace in them. She is a breath of fresh air.

  • Janie is one of the sweetest gals in the industry. Seriously, a heart of gold! And talent to boot!

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