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Jul 24, 2017

Lavender Lupine Field Engagement Photos

If you’ve never set foot in a lupine field (us either!), we’re about to show you a truly magical scene. Sit back and be transported to a gorgeous lakeside field full of lavender thanks to these lupine field engagement photos. If the landscape wasn’t enough already, the lovely couple only adds to the view. The bride to-be fits right in wearing a beautiful lavender lace gown. As the pair frolicks about, spins a time or two, and sneak a smooch, you’ll be swept away in it all.

Photographer, Carol Anne, says, Aubrey & Brett’s session was located in Lake Elsinore, California in the middle of the most gorgeous lupine field. The vibe of this shoot was very dreamy and elegant, yet also trendy and unique. The bride wore the most perfect lavender dress with stunning lace detail to tie the whole scene together. This is my absolute favorite engagement session to date, and I hope it proves to be as inspiring to others as it has been for me as a photographer! Enjoy!

  • Emily

    Breathtaking shoot!

  • Victoria

    Stunning engagement shoot!

  • Kayla

    They are so beautiful!

  • Katie

    Wow – loving these colors!

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