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Aug 24, 2010

Inspired by These Weddings on the Beach

I’ve been a California girl my whole life and have spent a large portion of my life on the beach. And now, with an office just 2 blocks from the beach I know I am truly blessed!  There’s nothing like the salty breeze on your skin and the sand between your toes. Especially TODAY. It’s a scorcher here in Southern California. Finally feels like true summer weather!

For all the couples that got to spend their special day at the beach, it must have been such a treat!! Weddings on the beach are a beautiful and calming experience to begin your life together one on of earth’s most exquisite gifts is truly a blessing!

Photo by James Moes

Photo by Jonas Peterson

Photo by Leigh Miller

Photo by Max Wanger

Photo by Erin Hearts Court

Photo by Angelica Glass

Photos by NGG Studio

Photo by Jose Villa

Photo by Amelia Lyon

Photo by Comfort Studio

Photo by Corinna Raznikov

Photo by Michelle Turner Photography

Photo by Jessica Johnston

  • Aryn

    The pics by Jose Villa are my favorite! The second one of the 2 of them in the water would be the one I’d blow up and frame to put over the fireplace – it’s PERFECT!!

  • Yay! That’s my LOVE banner 🙂

  • I wish life could be a beach!

  • Darci

    It’s so hot already here!!! I wish i were in any one of those pictures!

  • J.

    I LOVE the brides style in the Max Wanger photo!

  • Nick

    The photographs are amazing specially I love the pics by Jonas Peterson…..

    Nick Jackson
    Provide Beach Wedding Package

  • Lovely Clicks. I love beach weddings the most and hope to have my own wedding on beach 🙂

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