Inspired by These Wedding Ribbons

In my opinion, ribbons are a great addition to a celebration, kind of like ruffles! I love how they can add texture and movement to any party, plus they’re a great way to incorporate your color palette. Whether they’re blowing in the breeze, hanging from bouquets, or dangling from chairs, wedding ribbons just add an extra bit of flair. Take a look below at the MANY ways we’ve seen ribbons used in weddings!

Photo by Elizabeth Messina

Photo by Jose Villa

Photo by Sarah K. Chen

Photo by Our Labor of Love

Photo by Our Labor of Love, JL Designs

Photo by Jose Villa

Photo by W. Scott Chester

Photos by Kate Mefford

Photos by Ashley Rose

Photo by Millie Holloman



    cute post girls! love this one :)

  • Meredith

    These are some great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  • Riley

    Oooh, love the ribbons hanging from the chairs!


    Oh I can’t get enough of Ribbons either!!

  • Kari

    Talk about a dreamy bouquet!!

  • Jaimie

    Ok… I always thought of ribbons as super cheesy, but these pictures are amazing. Who knew!