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Dec 10, 2013

Lowcountry Engagement Session by Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay Photography

Some young lovers meet by chance, some by fortune, some by both. Many couples meet at a bar, a baseball game, and in these days, on the Internet. Sometimes, both chance and fortune play a role in stopping time in a serendipitous moment of pure free spirited connection, devoid of reason and filled with rhyme.  Fairly new to Charleston, Danny had agreed to accompany a dear friend to a get together, simply to meet like-minded people and have a good time. He didn’t know anyone and Amy seemed to know everyone!  Occasionally, he would notice her as she moved from group to group, her smile lighting up the room.  He finally gathered the courage to time their trips to the food and beverages just right, so that they might meet. Boldy he introduced himself with this amazing pick up line: “Hey, I’m Danny. I think I’ll make you fall in love with me.” And, of course, Amy laughed at right at him!

They spend the rest of the party side by side and ended the night with a dance in the street…complete romance movie style!  Six years have passed since, and they are still dancing. Danny (the romantic he is) told us, “Sixty years will pass and we will continue to dance. Some young lovers fall in love by chance, some by fortune, some by both. We fell in love at our first dance.”

Be Prepared to Be Inspired…

Photography: Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay


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