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Jul 18, 2013

Coffee and Donuts Love Shoot

Not quite ready for an engagement session but want pretty photos of you and your mister anyways?  A lifestyle session or (“love shoot”) is definitely the way to go!  Whether it’s a love session or you have that ring on your finger, taking photos at your home creates a unique authentic feel on film.  We love that today’s photographer, Ashley Kelemen, decided to capture Megan and Adam’s sweet and playful energy in the place they are most comfortable: their apartment.

From Megan: “The mornings are our favorite time together. The world is still so still and quiet and we just sit together on the sofa drinking our coffee and occasionally, (since there’s a donut place next door) have a delicious, sugary morning treat. There are no distractions, just us talking about life, goals, the weeks plans, etc. I can’t thank Ashley enough for coming over and documenting a moment we truly cherish together and making it so fun!” 

Be Prepared to Be Inspired…

Photography: Ashley Kelemen Photography

  • Best couple photos ever! These are so fun!

  • em

    really though this is my favorite shoot ever!! it helps that they are babes but ashley totally KILLED this session. xo

  • LOVE the feel of these, so fun and relaxed! Especially LOVE those polaroids!! Killin’ it Ashley!!

  • You had me at coffee and donuts @inspiredbythis! I need a love shoot like this!

  • RT @WeddingPR : You had me at coffee and donuts @inspiredbythis! I need a love shoot like this! http://ow.ly/n4tmO

  • Too cute!!! RT @weddingpr: You had me at coffee and donuts @inspiredbythis! I need a love shoot like this! http://ow.ly/n4tmO

  • So cute

  • Our coffee & donuts shoot @ashleykelemen shot in my apartment is on @inspiredbythis today! @… http://instagram.com/p/b6lAgDFKyb/

  • this sweet shoot is up on @inspiredbythis today (featuring the awesome @meganwelker & @Admbravinder) http://instagram.com/p/b6oJ_URPaY/

  • Love this!!

  • Chloe

    Not only is this love shoot completely adorable its completely delectable ! Yum

  • Love this shot!

  • thanks so much for featuring this, I ADORE this shoot and these two

  • Jen

    Love love love this shoot! Killin’ it as usual, Ash!

  • Nick A.

    What a fun and creative couple! The chemistry is undeniable!!

  • Hailey L.

    Adorable! Love every detail

  • 🙂

  • Seriously loving this shoot. They are adorable.

  • brilliant! I know like couple sessions when I wish I was one part of that couple! Ashley’s work is awesome.

  • Very well captured!

  • I love both of them, donuts,my favorite.I loved this post!

  • I love coffee, donuts and this love session! Beautiful work. The image of the couple on the floor with his glasses… Dynamite!

  • Debby Kelemen

    Love it!

  • Sweet life!

  • Laura Bravinder

    I just love the pictures, considering it is my son and his sweet girl,Megan……..So glad some one if finally using his great looks. Thank you

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