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Jun 13, 2013

Central Park Proposal

A proposal is a moment that many treasure forever but most brides would tell you they to be honest, they barely remember!  That’s exactly why we love when the guys decide to bring a photographer along for the ride.  These are images, much like your wedding day, that you will cherish and look back on with such joy.

Blaine and Amber met in the small town of Fort Mill in South Carolina. Small town living sparked a love of travel for these two. After good friends of theirs moved away to New York, Amber and Blaine wasted no time making travel plans to visit the big city.  In planning their trip Blaine conspired with his friends as to how he would propose to Amber while in New York. They had been together three and a half years and he wanted this trip to be a memorable one. It wasn’t until the day they arrived he decided that Central Park would be the perfect location. With their friends as their tour guides they rode into the city and began to walk the beautiful sun filled streets of the upper west side.

After they enjoyed a classic New York lunch they strolled towards Central Park to execute his plan. Blaine then disappeared into the crowd. Without Amber noticing he walked over to a guitarist and asked him to play something lovely. It was then when Blaine popped out of the crowd unto the steps of Bethesda Fountain to get the crowds attention. At the top of his lungs he professed his love and affection for Amber. With beautiful white roses in hand he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Tears streaming down her face she said, YES!

Be Prepared to Be Inspired…

Photographer: Spanglish Studios Photography

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