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Aug 28, 2009

Inspired by These Unique Wedding Ring Photographs

Happy Friday Everyone! On a personal note I wanted to thank everyone for their kind comments and support for my family and our home in regards to the big Rancho Palos Verdes fire last night. We are all packed up but haven’t been asked to evacuate. On a much lighter note, I wanted to share with you a fun and fabulous part of weddings. They are an integral part of every wedding and are just now getting more of the respect they have had coming to them!  Wedding rings are (supposed to be) forever, so why not have your photographer capture a few cute images of the binding bands? We thought that we would share with you some of our favorite unique wedding ring photographs. I can’t wait to see what my wedding photographer will do with my wedding rings!

Rings on Orange Paper

Photo by Sweet Monday

Ring on Bubblegum

Photo by Simply Bloom

Rings on Sushi

Photo by Joel Flory

Rings on Raspberry Cupcakes

Photo by Evoke Photography

Rings on Wheat

Photo by Stephanie Williams



Photos by Amelia Lyon

Rings on Bird

Photo by Stephanie Williams

Rings on Pinecones

Photo by Joel Flory

Rings with Fruit

Photo by Simply Bloom

Rings with Sprinkles

Photo by Amelia Lyon

Rings on Cactus

Photo by Joel Flory

Rings with Olives

Photo by Amelia Lyon

Rings on Lime

Photo by Stephanie Williams for Next Exit Photography


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