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Jul 31, 2009

Inspired by Paris

We are doing something different today. Fridays are usually “Inspired By This” days written by yours truly, Leila. However, today my assistant Brittany is guest blogging all the way from Paris, France. Some of you may have be emailing us for coaching or blog submissions and receiving the out of office auto response that Brittany is away living the good life abroad. Well today she is going to give us a taste of what it has been like for her to be “Inspired by: Paris”. You can also  follow her live on Twitter. Enjoy!

Last night I took a tour around the city on the back of a motor bike. After 24 long years of life, I have for the first time, fallen in love at first sight.I am ga ga over monsieur Paris. He has wooed me with his handsome nature, his gentle temperament and shown me such a lovely time so far…

I never expected to love a city so much and especially after only mere days, but I am simply and utterly captivated. I am enamored with the little details, the language that sounds like every sentence is a romantic line, the people; who are extremely warm, welcoming and accommodating and I love the architecture. I have taken so many photos already. The light is different here, it flutters through the trees the way Rembrandt painted it and since there is no shortage of trees, there is dancing light every where you look; Truly enchanting!

I love the “cafe culture”. There are cafes on ever corner, with the chairs facing the street so you can people watch.  Espresso is consumed all day long and everything I have eaten has been delicious and I am quite sure full of butter. People seem to enjoy life here. They take time for a lunch with friends, a picnic by the seine on a week night and laugh often.

With another week to explore and be inspired I am giddy inside to think of all I will get to see and experience. I don’t feel like my words are doing my experience justice. Today I encourage you to sip an espresso slowly, enjoy a leisurely walk and definitely take time to immerse yourself in all of the little details around you, find your Joie de vivre.

Here are a few things I have found inspiring so far. Pouvez vous être inspirés

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Paris-WeddingImage by Roderick Lyons

Paris wedding 2


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From SWS Magazine

  • Catie Ronquillo

    I love Paris! I feel so blessed to have been able to study abroad in France for a year and hang out in the city of lights. Thanks Brittany for sharing your experience!

  • oui oui! parfait.

  • AWWWWW….so jealous! i want to see some dancing light! and drink espresso and butter filled treats all day long! 🙂 have fun missy!!!

  • ooh la la!!!

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