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Aug 23, 2010

Inspired by This Colorful Wedding Confetti

Who knew little circles of paper and strips of ribbon could add so much to a wedding?! Colorful wedding confettiĀ sprinkles add a perfect pop of color and fun – not to mention it makes for a great photo! It’s one of my favorite things to toss on the bride and groom as they make their grand exit!

Photo by Christine Farah

Photos by Our Labor of Love

Photo by Sean Flanigan

Photo by Wai Reyes Photography

Photo by Chenin Boutwell

Photo by Dixie Pixel Photography

Photo by Poser:Image

Photo by Jeremy Lawson

Photo via Creature Comforts

Photo by A Bryan Photo

Photo by Jose Villa

Photos by Brooke Schwab Photography

Photo by Jonathan Ong


  • Kristen

    love the shoes surrounded by confetti! so cute!

  • That last image is adorable! Great post!

  • Cami

    ooooh! ahhhh!

  • I LOVE these photos! The confetti is soooo much fun! It makes me want to keep some in our studio! That last picture is such a cute idea. Definitely inspiring!

  • Tessa

    Great photos! Confetti really does add a splash of fun!

  • Elizabeth

    I loooove the look of confetti, and the many ways it can be personalised in shapes, sizes and colours. My only concern is the environment – what kind of paper is confetti usually made of…?

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