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May 22, 2017

How to Get the Celebrity Wedding Look

We have to admit, we go a little ga-ga over some of our favorite celebrity couples. Dare we say we aren’t alone in this? And as most celebs do, celebrity couples set a style precedent when it comes time to head down the aisle. Their weddings cover the pages of magazines and fill us with loads of inspiration. Although we can’t necessarily afford to pull of a wedding in the fashion most of them do, we can still take plenty of cues! Who better than celebrity planner, Andrea Freeman of Andrea Freeman Events to show us how it’s done? Below, she shares 5 ways you can get the celebrity wedding look and ‘wow’ your guests.

Wow them right away!
Welcoming your guests in style will make them feel instantly welcome and sets the tone for a fabulous celebration! Pass sparkling and still water as guests enter and are escorted to the ceremony area. Once the ceremony wraps and guests enter the reception this is your chance to really grab their attention and let them know that they’re in for something special. Every single one of your guests will visit the escort card table as they enter this area so this is the perfect spot to get creative. I say go big and really set the mood!

Curate Your Style
There are endless sources of inspiration when it comes to wedding planning and it can get overwhelming pretty quickly. Avoid picking too many and ending up with a wedding that has no focus or seems chaotic for your guests by curating your style. Celebs are masters at picking a style and following through with all the corresponding design elements. And you can be too if you take the time to become crystal clear what your look is then have fun playing with it to make it uniquely yours.

Experiential Invites
Everyone sends a wedding invitation when their getting married, but not everyone creates a custom gift box with a flower that lasts a year and other items including the invitation or a movie trailer featuring the couple. When it comes to invites celebrities know how to get the word out in style. The idea here is to say “we’re getting hitched” in a fun, unique, and personal way – something that will let your guests know that this party will be unlike any other!

After Party 
A-listers are known for keeping the party going all night. Invite an intimate group of friends and family to join you after the reception ends. If you went with a band for the wedding maybe go with a dj here. Live entertainment is always fun and this is usually the crowd that will appreciate some edgy entertainment; spice things up with an aerialist champagne pour or other live act. Also, make sure you send these guests off with a farewell morsel – a food truck as they exit is a fun touch.

Customized Touches
Whether they’re celebrating in a tented private estate or a lavish hotel ball room one thing that celebrities do is customize to create an environment tailor-made for their guests and their special day. Instead of using the house linen opt for something that corresponds with your color palette.  A hanging floral installation over the dance floor is a fun way to add drama to the room!

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