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Mar 02, 2011

Gondola Ride Elopement

There is something so romantic and spontaneous about elopements! I love that the focus is on the commitment the couple’s making, and not about a crazy huge wedding. When I saw this gondola ride elopement in my inbox I thought it was perfection. Sarah and Ryan had a surprise elopement in British Columbia, Canada! They were on a ski trip with good friends and surprised them by saying “I do” on the gondola ride up to the top of the mountain. Don’t you just die over the view?! Here’s what the bride had to say about her big day:

“We got married on the Peak 2 Peak Gondola (the longest gondola in the world) & surprised our two witnesses by taking off our ski cloths & revealing a full tux & wedding dress underneath. We later went skiing in our wedding attire with our two witnesses! Instead of a large wedding, we decided to invest our money in a custom made ceremony (which was beautiful) and incredible photography.”

Location: Peak2Peak Gondola – Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort, British Columbia, Canada

Photographers: Anastasia Photography

Flowers: Balconi Flowers

Wedding Dress: Carmela Sutera

Veil: Unveiled Bridal Designs (The Bandeau)

Bride’s White Coat: Miss Sixty

Officiant: Michele Davidson

Videographer: Bill Mainguy

  • Thank you for posting our wedding! It was truly a romantic day up in the mountains and our photographers captured it perfectly!

  • This is amazing!!!

  • What an original idea!!!. Something completely different from what we´re used to. Thank you for the inspiration!!!

  • Now that’s the way to do it!! Love it!

  • katie stephens

    ssooo fun!!! i love the pictures of them in their wedding clothes and skis! and the “just married” sign on the lift is so cute!

  • Beautiful! Absolutely stunning. And what an adventurous way to start your marriage! Love love love it.

  • JP

    LOVE that bout and the birdcage veil! So stinkin fun and they are total fab for braving that snow! What an adorable couple!

  • Eloped in a snowy mountain gondola and skied down in wedding dress, tux, veil and all! NEVER SEEN THIS BEFORE!!

  • Love the originality. And kudos to the photographer for not being afraid of heights!

  • A testament to creativity! I think their marriage will be sprinkled with magical moments just the way it began!

  • rachel RILEY

    SO cute!!!!!!! i agree carrie, talk about a creatively blessed couple!

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    ……….Before I knew it, I had reached Venice’s most popular tourist shrine – the traghetto or gondola station. At this early hour, these sleek black flat-bottomed beauties were tethered to poles, gently bobbing in the water. If only they could talk, what tales they would have told of the magic and romance that this historic city has inspired over generations. I sat down carefully on the slippery steps of the jetty and took out my camera in the hope of catching the first rays of the sun shimmering on the waters of the lagoon. I was about to take the first test shot when I heard a voice “Gondola ride, sir?” I turned and saw a young man, mid 30s, wearing the traditional gondolier’s red striped shirt and straw hat. Of course, I wanted a ride. A trip to Venice without a gondola ride is a bit like a trip to Disneyland without a roller coaster ride. But isn’t it too early? “No, no…in Venice, there’s always time for a gondola ride. Hop in…”………………..

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