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Oct 14, 2010

Beautiful Day After Wedding Shoot in Orange County, Ca

I love featuring work from coaching clients! When I first saw this day after wedding shoot from the sweet husband and wife team of Gavin Wade Photography, I knew I had to feature it! I love the simplicity of it. It’s amazing how far a beautiful couple, great lighting, and a talented photographer duo can go without all the extras! I love how Gavin and Erin captured the sun setting and the changing light of day. The bride just so happens to be the best friend of Erin, and though Gavin and Erin weren’t their wedding photographers (because Erin was in the wedding!) they still wanted to treat the couple to a fabulous day after shoot! What a special gift!

  • Carly

    What a cute couple! She’s beautiful!

  • Jen

    Wow, this is captured so beautifully!

  • Thank you so much Leila and the entire WeddingPR team! You all are so great 🙂

  • kylie

    love the heart chalkboard!

  • beautiful photos! i was WAY too exhausted to do a photo shoot the day after our wedding, but these two look fabulous!

  • Pam

    Beautiful wheat fields!

  • Beautiful! Luckily I’ve been able to talk more and more of my clients into day-after sessions. So much more intimate and less rushed than a wedding day session. Thanks for sharing.

  • Torin

    The props for this shoot are fantastic! And talk about some great photos… amazing!

  • Harkanwal

    The last picture is sooooooooooo pretty! 🙂

  • Kelly

    the picture at the end is my FAVORITE! my husband and i have one just like it!

  • p. benda

    shooting the day after the wedding is such a smart idea. everyone is so relaxed and it doesn’t ruin the surprise for the big day!

  • mike

    can you tell me where the field photos were shot? I’m looking to do an album cover and I need a shot in a field just like this one.

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