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Dec 20, 2010

Be Inspired PR team member Gets ENGAGED! Surprise engagement photos and film footage!

You may remember a few months ago I announced that our very own Ashley got engaged! Our office is so excited to have another wedding in the works for 2011 after spending 2010 working on my wedding! Anyway, back in September Ashley’s fiance Tyman approached me about helping out with his proposal. He had everything planned out, but was looking for a photographer and videographer to capture the special day so I went to work right away! I approached the talented  Aaron Shintaku and he was on board! I was then connected with Modern 8 Films ,by my friend Amy over at Wedding Chicks, and they have quickly become one of my new  favorite film companies  to work with. Both were such troopers given the last minute notice and scorching temps at the proposal site and captured everything perfectly!

Tyman and Ashley love to be outdoors and took up geocaching as a hobby early on in their relationship. If you’re like me and you’ve never heard of geocaching in your life : ) it’s basically a treasure hunt for people who enjoy the outdoors and like to hike. Containers filled with little trinkets are hidden all over and the coordinates are logged online so people can download the coordinates and hike out to find the cache. The cache is usually hidden under a rock or in a tree and always contains a log which people can sign and when they get home log it on their computer to keep track of all the caches they’ve found. Sounds pretty complicated, but once you get the hang of it it’s really not : )

Anyway! Tyman knew early on he wanted to propose while out geocaching and hiked 17 miles to find the perfect spot – a beautiful oak tree on the edge of a ridge in the Santa Clarita mountains. He sent his good friend and Ashley’s brother ahead to lead the cameras to the spot, set up a picnic and to find the original oak tree cache and replace it with the new cache which contained the ring. All went according to plan until Ashley literally got heat stroke hiking in the 105 degree weather! But somehow Tyman persuaded her to make it up to the tree and find the cache where he popped the question and she said YES!! Little did she know the entire proposal was being documented as a perfect keepsake for this special day with surprise engagement photos and film footage. 

Tyman & Ashley: A Hidden Camera Proposal from Modern 8 Films on Vimeo.



Ring designed by Mike Gurunlian through jeweler Karen Hogue

Photos by Aaron Shintaku


  • What a fun idea!! Never heard of geocaching before either, but that’s a perfect way to get engaged for a couple who loves to do that – so cute!

  • Lindsey

    stop it, ashley I literally just cried watching this video. perfect setting for yall, perfect song to capture the feeling of you both, everything was so perfect!!! I can’t wait to meet Tyman for real! haha what a great post to start the holiday week off right! miss yall!!

  • Andrea

    Aw, Ash this is just too cute!! I’m so excited for you! 🙂

  • Analise

    Those pics make me cry! Awesome!

  • Just like everyone else I basically wanted to cry it was so cute!

  • Adore that they shared it!!! I remember Ashley describing the day but this was so cool for them to have forever!! I love it!! Big congrats!!!

  • How sweet is this?!! Congrats Lindsey! With Leila to help you, your day is going to be perfect. 🙂

  • Aahhh I love it! I miss you guys!!! Be back soon! aahhh the life of the theater!! Haha!

  • So cute, congrats Ashley!

  • What a creative guy! Adorable…. ridiculously adorable. Congrats to the happy couple!!

  • I think we need to go to Sashi to celebrate 🙂 Or Simmzy’s?? Ashley can pick!! Yay! Congrats Ashley!

  • This is an amazing testament of two beautiful people in love! Tyman, wonderful job planning this whole thing out!!!!!! SOOOO EXCITED for your wedding!!!!

  • sooooooooooooo freaking heartwarming!! what a beautiful moment captured on film forever 🙂 love it! so excited for you ashley! xo, C

  • what a beautiful proposal surprise, i love all the thought he put behind making it personal to them!!! thanks for sharing…just made my day!

  • Lesley

    So sweet!! I love the video & pictures. How lucky she is to have them to remember that special day. Congrats Ashley!!

  • Tony

    Nice work Tyman, job well done. If you ever hear your wife to be say that you’re not romantic, you can kindly send her the link to this post 🙂 Congrats to the both of you, looking forward to the wedding…

  • Mother-in-Law-to-be :-)

    Ashley, you are that one and only match for Tyman that we’ve been praying for from day one. I’m thrilled for you both and can’t wait for “the day”!

  • Nice work Tyman, job well done. If you ever hear your wife to be say that you’re not romantic, you can kindly send her the link to this post 🙂 Congrats to the both of you, looking forward to the wedding…

  • So sweet and romantic!!!!

  • Karen

    This was so touching and romantic,what a beautiful video and pictures! Best Wishes to you both!

  • Roxanne & Jesstine

    Ashley, me & Jesstine were in tears as we watched the video!!!
    So romantic and creative Tyman. We knew from the moment we met you both that you had a very special love. We are so excited for you both 🙂

  • How am I just seeing this?! MOST AMAZING proposal ever! LOVE!

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