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Our Must Have Carry-On Items

The holidays are fast approaching, which means many of us will be taking trains, planes, and automobiles to visit loved ones. The travel is well worth it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t difficult and taxing. When we’re traveling, we always like to be prepared for the unexpected (delays, lack of food options, cold airplanes). These must have carry-on items are always with us to keep us comfortable, entertained, and ready for anything.

Cosmetic Bags

When traveling, we always carry a mega-tote, but hate it when small items roll around the bottom or when we can never find anything. So, we got into the habit of throwing all our makeup items, meds, and snacks into a cosmetic bag or travel pouch to keep it organized. We love this cute option!

A light sweater

It’s always good to have just a lightweight sweater on hand just in case! Some planes are just so cold, and a go-with-everything sweater will keep you warm and cozy while you travel! Here are some of our favorite comfy travel outfits for when you want to look cute and warm. 


For the same reason, we always have a pair of socks in our carry-on bag! When we are going somewhere warm or trying to speed along the security check process, we wear flip flops. Then, we arrive on the plane where air seems to be coming at us from all angles and our toes are going numb. Thank goodness we have these cute socks with us! 🙂

A Good Book

Flying is a great opportunity to relax and take some much-needed personal time! We love to catch up on our reading list while we’re in the air. For an exciting thriller or romance novel, see our reading list. 

Hand lotion

Traveling can wreak havoc on your skin, and the last thing you want when you land is dry and cracked skin on your hands. A quality hand cream is a must – you won’t regret bringing this yummy shea butter cream along!

Lavender Oil

We can’t get enough of lavender oil! This stuff not only has a clean, beautiful scent, but also relaxes and soothes the body. Planes can give us aching muscles and uncomfortable sleep, so rubbing a little of this oil on our neck does the calming trick. Make sure to dilute it before applying and always consult a doctor.

The Right Apps

Like many businesses, airlines have been keeping up with changing technology, which means there are a few applications you will now be thankful to have while traveling. First of all, download your airline’s specific app to stay up to date on flight changes and easily access your boarding pass, seat assignment, and more. Next, you may be surprised to know many planes no longer offer mini TV’s on the back of the seat in front of you (even for long hauls!) So, download the Gogo entertainment app to have entertainment, most of the time for free, accessible on your personal device.

Finally, you’ll want to do your research before arriving in a new place to find the best cup of coffee, trendy dinner, or late night cocktail. Use Taste to see the locals’ recommendations. You’ll easily find the best of the best spots and won’t be left disappointed!

Backup Charger

Speaking of phone applications… a charger or backup battery pack is a must to carry with you! There have been too many times we haven’t been able to listen to music on the flight, or do anything else we use our phones for, due to a dead battery in the airport, for us to not remember a charger! We love this cute backup pack because you don’t have to search all over for an outlet! Find more of our favorite tech accessories here!


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – Never rely on airline food to get you through a long flight! The tiny pretzels and peanuts bags are never enough, but they always over charge for the healthy full-meal options. We like to bring a couple snacks with us in our carry-on, like raw almonds or protein bars!

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