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Jan 15, 2019

A 5 Day Guide to Road Trip Through England

Cheerio! Planning a trip across the pond, but want to see the country like a local? From the cobblestone roads to the British food, we will help you find the local gems and all-around best places to visit in England. And, with a country as gorgeous as England, don’t confine yourself to London! There are countless UK cities within driving distance that are worth at least a pitstop. Don’t worry, we won’t leave itinerary planning up to you! Because a vacation to visit the British should be full of tea and crumpets, not stress. So, we put together a complete 5 Day England road trip just for you! This way, you can focus on the driving on the right (read: left) side of the street instead of where to go next. So, start practicing your proper talk and pack a bag because London (and its neighbors) is calling! And before you hit the road, don’t forget to download a few of your favorite podcasts!  

Day 1: Liverpool

England road trip

Liverpool, being the birthplace of the Beatles, is a great place to start your England road trip. The history of the city and its music scene will have you tapping your toes the second you land in England. Start your trip on Albert Dock, exploring the footprint that the Beatles left on the world. While there, stop for a bite to eat at Gusto. Our favorite thing on the menu is the Fico Pizza, and of course, it will pair perfectly with your wine of choice.

There’s a lot to see on your journey and this is just the beginning! So, when you finish lunch, best to hit the road! We recommend driving to Manchester for dinner and staying there for the night.

England road trip
via Gusto

Day 2 and 3: Manchester

When in Manchester, staying at the King Street Townhouse Hotel is an absolute must! Besides the adorable charm of this hotel, and the prime location, this gem has the most stunning infinity pool that overlooks the city! The town is full of so many unique attractions and sites to see, but we narrowed it down to our absolute favorites:

England road trip
Photo via Eclectic Hotels

Once you have enjoyed the luxury of Kingstreet Hotel, head on over to the locals favorite coffee shop, Fig + Sparrow. We recommend a classic latte with no sweetener! These baristas really know what they are doing so no need to make it fancy. While there, you can also grab a bite to eat – their food is equally tasty and aesthetically pleasing. Then, take a stroll through The Northern Quarter where you will find the best eclectic shopping like vintage thrift stores and record shops. Finish the night by dining at Cloud 23, a bar that touches the sky, and has a view of the entire city!

England road trip
via Fig & Sparrow

On the second day of exploring Manchester, we recommend that you tour the world-famous football club stadium, Old Trafford of Manchester United. Manchester United is the city’s pride and joy, and to grab a true grasp of their culture you should embark on a tour of the grounds where they will give you a behind the scenes look of the history of the club. If you are lucky enough to be in England during football season then it is also worth going to a game!

Day 4: Bath

england road trip
Photo via Kirra Bento

Next up on your England road trip itinerary? Bath! And not like the clawfoot tub kind. Bath is one of the oldest cities in England, and the gorgeous architecture and history prove that it is here to stay. With the city built around the actual Roman bath’s, there is a sense of culture that you won’t find anywhere else! Every aspect of the city is beyond beautiful, so even if you spent the day just walking the streets you would stumble upon many a hidden gem! We recommend starting your day in the coffee shop Colonna and Smalls. The baristas here are probably the most well-educated you will find, so take advantage of them and strike up a conversation!

England road trip
via Colonna

If we could only recommend one thing to see in Bath it would be the actual Roman Baths! These baths are breathtaking and are an experience that you do not want to miss. We caught ourselves speechless in awe of the history and beauty while visiting them!

England road trip
via Visit Bath

Day 5: Dorset, Durdle Door

Take a break from the hustle and bustle and travel South to the quaint town of Durdle Door in Dorset, England. This popular tourist destination is a must-see for everyone traveling through England! We recommend spending the night at the Limestone Hotel so that you can relax and have plenty of time to take in all the scenery! Indulge yourself at their renowned restaurant and don’t forget to take a lot of pictures!

England road trip
via Kirra Bento

If you have more time to dedicate to your England road trip, make your way to London and enjoy all of that the city has to offer! Here’s what we did on a weekend there.

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