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Aug 19, 2014

Inspired by Stylish (And Safe!) Phone Cases

We’ve rounded up some of our fave phone cases … and we’ve checked their stats for safety in addition to their obvious good looks. If you’re the one who swears by their bulletproof version that your phone hasn’t left since you purchase it – this may not be for you. BUT, if you’re anything like us, your phone case is a constant expression of your mood (just like your style!) and therefore changes (at least) monthly. So here they are folks, our sturdy, stylish, season picks!


Stylish and Safe Phone CasesStylish and Safe Phone Cases

Love leather as much as we do!? We love this option from Anthropologie that gives your phone extra protection while floating around in your purse!

Stylish and Safe Phone Cases

J.Crew is going after our own hearts with this metallic beauty! Hearts, leather, and gold!? We’re in!

Stylish and Safe Phone Cases

Dare to be a little different with this amazing, beaded option by Jasper & Jeera sold at Anthropologie!

Stylish and Safe Phone Cases

Don’t want to carry around your phone and your wallet? This Kate Spade case does double duty with a cute scalloped pocket in the back that fits your cards and cash!

Stylish and Safe Phone Cases

This floral case is girly, chic, and classic Rifle Paper Co. … And we can’t get enough of it!

Stylish and Safe Phone Cases

This camo case from Sonix is the perfect gift for the guy in your life!  Or, if you’re one of those cool, trendy girls who can pull off masculine prints like camo, you go for it! (We’re jealous of you!)

Stylish and Safe Phone Cases

Summer may almost be over but that doesn’t mean you have to put your brights away!  Keep this colorful striped case from Kate Spade as your very own ray of sunshine year round!

Stylish and Safe Phone Cases


You waited hours in line (or patiently waited after ordering online) for your gold iPhone…why would you want to hide it with a case?!  Rifle Paper Co. has your back with this amazing floral lace case that’s clear so everyone can appreciate the gold you worked so hard for!Stylish and Safe Phone Cases


Want a phone case that’s as chic as a Michael Kors purse?!  Here you go!  This card holder case protects your phone and stores your cards!

What cases are you loving right now!?  Have any brands that you love and you think we should have included?  Let us know in the comments below!

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