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Mar 26, 2018

Battling Our Biggest Skin Concerns with OROGOLD

Let’s be honest, your face is the first thing to give away your age. So, it’s never too early to start using anti-aging products! For both treating and preventing those tell tale signs of age (read: wrinkles, sun spots, fine lines, and so on) we have started using OROGOLD cosmetics. Today, we are excited to share our thoughts and how they have helped us battle our biggest skin concerns! But before we start, we want to mention that all the opinions below are our own, and we don’t claim to be doctors, dermatologists, or experts. It’s important to always educate yourself on the beauty products you are using to ensure they are right for you and your skin type! This is what we found when we tested these OROGOLD products out…

Our Skin Concerns

Let’s start with a bit of background about our skin and concerns. Most of us, here at IBT HQ are in are mid-twenties and just starting to delve into the realm of anti-aging skincare. And let us say, there is always something you can be doing to protect and/or treat your skin, no matter your age! One of the best changes you can make, right off the bat? Wearing sunscreen every. single. day. And not just on your face, but also on your neck and chest. Speaking of, this brings us to tip number two; always carry your skincare products down your neck and chest. You should be giving this area the same attention as your face, especially if you are applying makeup, bronzer, or the like there daily.

With those two tips out of the way, let’s return to our skin concerns before using OROGOLD and what we hoped to gain from these like-magic products. First, wrinkle prevention. I mean, this is at the top of everyone’s list right? right??? The goal of anti-aging products is to help us look young for as long as possible, but in order to do so, you need to be using ones that actually work. Be aware of ingredients, what they do, and how they are helping or hurting your skin. Once you tap into this fountain of youth, keep lathering it on as long as it keeps those crow’s feet at bay :).

Secondly, we have sun-damage. Remember, what we said about sunscreen? Well, they say you learn from experience, and us Southern California residents have seen our fair share of sun. (We know, we’re kicking ourselves). But some of those dark spots can be helped thanks to powerful products.

Third, we want more glow! Does anyone else notice when their skin seems extra dull and tired? This is a regular occurrence for us. Like, wake up, look in the mirror, and see a drab tired face looking back at us. Our answer? Coffee, and then… more coffee. We know, we know, we’re in a terrible cycle where all the caffeine leads to sleepless nights and we wake up looking the same and thus, acting the same. Help! This is where we look to miracle products to do just that – work miracles. And thankfully, they exist. Phew.

We have also noticed our skin thinning and becoming less plump. Does anyone else feel like this happens overnight? All of the sudden, we have less elasticity (the good stuff) and our cheeks are a bit more hollow. Sigh. Thankfully, this is one of the key things OROGOLD products have helped with.

Dryness or dry spots. Is this our fifth skin concern? Honestly, with every new season, and sometimes every day, we wake up noticing something new our skin needs. It’s a never ending process, and so we are always trying to stay ahead of the game. Dealing with dry skin is one of these daily occurrences.

Under Eye Circles are another thing that seem to tease us. Some days we wake up with them as dark as the night, and some days things are looking a bit more up.

Finally, but just as important as the first, a major skin concern of ours is breakouts. Why is adult acne a thing? Please, send help. Blemishes come at the most inopportune times and never seem to stem from the same thing. The pillow, the food, the product – you name it, it could cause a flare up. This is why getting on a consistent regimen of beauty products we love is important to us, so we can pinpoint the problem when it occurs.

OK, we know that’s a lot, but after all the debby-downer concerns, there is good news! If you’re in the same boat as ys, we’re excited to share how these OROGOLD products can help this seemingly never ending battle for great skin – and great skin as we grow older.

Our Favorite Products 

Let’s start with the basics…

24K Mousse Cleanser This cleanser is gentle enough for all skin types. It transforms into a creamy lather to wash away dirt, makeup, and other impurities. If you’re the type with sensitive skin (read: like us), this is a great cleanser to use.

24K Purifying TonerIf you don’t use a toner, your missing out on so many benefits you could be getting with on swoop of a cotton swab! This toner helps diminish any remaining traces of excess oils and impurities to leave your skin with a healthier looking complexion. Breakout prone? A toner will save you from so many unwanted blemishes just by catching that leftover bacteria that you can miss when cleansing. It’s a no brainer.

Now for some heroes that really target those aforementioned skin concerns…

Collagen Renewal CreamSay helloooo to our little friend. 24K Collagen Renewal Cream helps to restore volume to skin that may be lost by natural aging. Remember that whole less plump thing we mentioned above? Well, this cream not only helps restore lost volume (praise!), but also helps to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines (insert the double hand up emoji). It is formulated with three main ingredients, Gold, Beta-Glucan and Vitamin C. More on those later…

Collagen Renewal Serum – Speaking of volume, 24K Collagen Renewal Serum will help restore the volume to facial skin that may be lost by aging. Also, if you’re noticing fine lines and/or cracks in your skin, this serum will be your hero! Don’t just take our word for it, though, the reviews on this product speak for themselves! Plus, who doesn’t want a product with actual flakes of gold in it?! Um.. c’mon!

And can we talk about the packaging?! Every product comes in a well designed, white and gold box that is so pretty, the hoarder inside each of us wants to keep it! 🙂 Plus, each product inside is also in sleek and chic packaging. It doesn’t hurt that you can actually see gold floating inside this serum! Is it just us, or is this green, white, and gold color palette extremely on trend? We divert. Truly, though, packaging is important, and we are fans of OROGOLD’s.

Collagen & Seaweed Mask – Don’t let seaweed freak you out, this powerful ingredient makes all the difference. And if you haven’t heard the benefits of collagen yet, you’re missing out. The combination of the two help firm skin and restore natural moisture to the skin. It will provide fresh, young looking skin. Who doesn’t want that?! In addition to seaweed and collagen, it is also formulated with gold and aloe.

Guys. We have to be honest – if there’s one product you’re going to splurge on, this is it! We can’t help but fall in love with facial masks and noticed the results of this one instantly! This is the one that gives us that glow we’re seeking in a major way. After continued use, we hope to see even more glow and life come back into our skin.

Pre-application, you’ll want to apply the 24K Collagen Pre-mask for the best results. OROGOLD call this pre-mask a triple threat. The unique formula prepares your skin for the 24K Collagen & Seaweed Mask with three sensational phases: it starts as a gel, melts to an oil, and then transforms into a milky foam. So, why use a pre-mask? It melts away impurities and prepares your skin to take in the maximum benefits from the 24K Collagen & Seaweed Mask. And when you invest in these products, you definitely want maximum benefit, right?

How to Use Them 

Daily: Start with a cleanser, day and night. There’s some debate out there about cleansing in the morning, but you can collect a lot of dirt and grime from your pillows and towels (we know, ew!) so we think it’s absolutely essential. Plus, washing our face, is step one in making us feel more awake in the morning. And you want to start the day with a fresh face! Apply a small amount of the 24K Mousse Cleanser onto hands and massage into face and rinse with cool water. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t want to cleanse your skin with hot water, as it can strip it from all the good stuff and put strain on your skin. No one wants that.

After cleansing, use a cotton pad to apply 24K Purifying Toner to face and neck. You can also mist it throughout the day to refresh your skin.

Next, apply Collagen Renewal Serum, morning and night onto cleansed skin. Then, follow with 24K Collagen Renewal Cream to lock in the benefits of the serum and keep your skin hydrated. Nix the myth that people with oily skin don’t need moisturizer. Guys, moisturizing creams help your skin maintain its natural level of hydration so that is doesn’t over-produce oils. Myth busted.

At night, you’ll also want to follow this exact routine. Didn’t your mom ever drill you about washing your face at night? Taking the day off is so important. Let us repeat – SO important. Say bye bye to so many of your skin issues by simply having a morning and nighttime regiment you stick to daily.

Weekly: Like we said, you should be using a mask weekly to combat whatever your skin is battling at the time. We like to call this our at-home spa time. Every Sunday evening, we wind down with a self care routine that always involves masking.

Post-shower and cleansing, we start with the 24K Collagen Pre-mask. Apply onto dry skin and massage the gel until it melts into a silky oil. Once melted, apply water and massage gently until the oil is transformed into a foam and rinse. Now your skin is prepped and ready for the Collagen & Seaweed Mask. Apply a generous amount, evenly rubbing onto face and neck (remember what we said about carrying products down your neck?). Leave the mask on for 10 minutes, and then rinse off with cool water. While waiting to rinse, light a candle, pick up a good book, or map out your week. This is one of our favorite times all week and we so look forward to the few moments for ourselves. Anyone else have a self-care routine?

Like most lines, your skin will appreciate the products most when used in conjunction with one another. By doing so, you can reap all the benefits of these powerful ingredients and notice their anti-aging benefits. You can get the entire Collagen Collection, including all the products we mentioned, as well as a lip balm, here.

What the Ingredients Do 

Like we said, we aren’t doctors, but here’s what a little research and a lot of use can tell you about some of the ingredients in skincare products. Always educate yourself on a specific product’s formulation to know how you will react and what it can do for you! With so many options on the market, this is more important now than ever, and knowing your ingredients will help protect you and your skin from what’s potentially harmful.

So, you may be asking what’s the big difference between OROGOLD cosmetic products and all the others out there? Well, the BIG difference lies in the ingredient found in all of its products: Gold. Yes, we said gold – like 24 carat, totally real, the kind we all want, gold. Why gold, you ask? The use of gold in skin care dates back centuries. Really! Gold takes advantage of the heat conduction process, which allows your skin to radiate (not kidding) after application. Just like gold jewelry, gold is a luxury ingredient, giving the skin an incomparable, healthy glow.

Ok, but how are these products bringing fullness back into our life? With Ceramides. Ceramides are naturally occurring lipid molecules that help to retain moisture in the skin. Ok, but here’s the ticker: on average, natural ceramide levels fall by 43% after the age of 30, and up to 60% after age 40—which is why our skin starts looking dry and dull. However, you can go to battle against your falling levels with the OROGOLD products formulated with ceramides as one of the key ingredients. Bonus: ceramides also serve as an effective barrier to protect against harmful environmental pollutants, including bacteria, dust, and dirt.

These products also feature peptides, which work wonders in boosting collagen production. Yes, we told you we’d talk about collagen! Collagen is vital in that it replaces dead skin cells and gives your skin strength and elasticity. These products repair damaged collagen and proteins to fight the common signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. Specifically, the Collagen & Seaweed Mask is especially formulated to give your skin the maximum benefits of collagen. Yep, it isn’t just for your smoothies!

Speaking of collagen, Vitamin C is another key ingredient found in the Collagen Renewal Cream that helps with collagen production. You’ve likely seen vitamin C serums getting a lot of spotlight these days thanks to that property, but it also can help reverse signs of sun damage. Eat your oranges people. (But in reality, applying it topically allows you to reap way more of the benefits for your skin because the concentration is so much higher!).

In addition to Gold, Ceramides, and peptides, many of OROGOLD products also contain hydroxy acids which help promote cell turnover and therefore minimize dark spots, wrinkles, and dullness.

Other highlight ingredients include Coconut Oil, which helps products penetrate deeper into your skin and moisturize your skin from within without causing irritation, and Aloe, which has anti-inflammatory and acne fighting properties.

So, when should you start using anti-aging products? The answer is now! But you don’t need to do everything at once. Start by incorporating products that have anti-aging properties and are preventative. This means products that keep your skin hydrated, nourished, and protected. Start with the basics, like this great cleansing duo, use a hydrating mask once a week, like the Seaweed mask, and always apply sunscreen! Beyond preventing signs of age, these will also help fight other major skin concerns like acne and dryness. Win. Win.

Now that you have a flawless canvas, check out some of our favorite lipsticks and beauty products for your gym bag! Have you tried OROGOLD? What are your favorite products? Don’t forget to stay up to the date with OROGOLD and their new products on Facebook.


This post is in partnership with OROGOLD Cosmetics. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Inspired by This!

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