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Feb 20, 2018

6 Tips On How To Dress For A Rainy Day

In most parts of the world, experiencing rain throughout the year is common and people know how to dress in a stylish, yet practical way in order to keep dry. We have the privilege of being based out of sunny Southern California… so it’s safe to say some of us aren’t quite sure how to dress when we get the occasional rain ;). With April showers quickly approaching, we wanted to share a few tips on how to dress for a rainy day for our readers who rarely get to see a light drizzle, let alone a total downpour, or anyone who needs a little extra inspiration for colder weather!

How to Dress for a Rainy Day
Image via Cara Loren

1. Wearing dark colors that won’t show signs of rain or mud remains is key! We all know what happens when a white t-shirt gets wet, and we also know it can be mortifying if you are out and about all day in a see-through get up!

2. Opt for sturdy layers. Don’t choose to wear a delicate blouse or fabrics such as silk. They will likely get ruined and provide little coverage. We recommend a breathable t-shirt and lightweight sweater. That way you can layer with a larger coat if you need to, but will still have some warmth if the weather turns. We also love the look of sweater dresses under raincoats!

How to Dress for a Rainy Day
Image via Olivia Rink

3. The Cute but functional rule is one we like to follow when it comes to accessories. A sturdy umbrella can also pose as a nice outfit accessory and allow you to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady at the same time ;). Leather crossbody bags are also much more practical than a handbag when dodging puddles and trying to keep your possessions dry. Finally, try wearing a lightweight scarf to protect jewelry from tarnishing.

4. Choose Footwear Wisely. If it isn’t quite pouring and you don’t feel that you need to invest in a pair of rain boots, choosing a short, flat-heeled boot or bootie is wise. You will be able to maneuver around town and keep your outfit looking stylish at the same time! You can also invest in a pair of short rain boots and wear them on non-rainy days without sticking out like a sore thumb. If you own a lovely pair of tall rain boots, pair them with leggings, a cute dress and a trench coat for an effortlessly chic ensemble!

How to Dress for a Rainy Day
Photo via Gal Meets Glam

5. Throw on a warm beanie or a chic hat! Hats are perfect if you don’t feel like carrying an umbrella but still want to keep your hair from resembling a wet dog. Pair cute sweaters and coats with a beanie or a trendy hat before leaving the house house.

6. For full coverage, wear a trench coat, a jacket that extends to your mid-thigh, or a puffer coat. Waterproof jackets and windbreakers are also great if you want to really avoid having to go about your day soaking wet.

How to Dress for a Rainy Day
Image via Brighton The Day

What are your rainy day weather tips?

  • Yvon

    Great post! I’m a total beanie girl with these rainy days 🙂

  • Nala

    Love these tips!

  • Darian

    Cute but functional…LOVE that!

  • Amber

    These are perfect tips for warm, but rainy days! Love it!

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