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Vibrant Coral & Green Fiesta Birthday Party

We want to party with The Shift Creative! I mean, have you seen a cuter birthday bash for two 2 year-olds?! Plus, any party where the “Guac’s on us” is bound to be a good one. (Aren’t those invitations amazing?!). She planned this awesome backyard celebration on our baby blog today for her daughter Sophia and her best friend Paisley. In addition to personalized macarons, they each had their own cactus topped cake! Which they dove right into! Happy campers? We think so – especially in their adorable matching fiesta worthy dresses! Here’s how Alexa, from The Shift Creative came up with the coolest toddler birthday around…


This year my little babe Sophia turned 2! I promised my husband I would be more low key this year with her party so I decided to throw a double birthday party with her and her bestie Paisley! After settling on desert as the theme, I started making the colorful cactuses for their photo backdrop! They turned out so great, and it was so much fun watching all the kids take photos with them in the background! Then, me and Melody at Sweet and Saucy discussed desserts, and wowza they came out even better than I thought! I knew I wanted some ORIGINAL ideas for the cactus trend thats going around. We landed on cactus shaped macaroons, cactus cake toppers, taco cupcakes, mexican blanket cupcakes, personalized macaroons with their names on them, and more! Everything was perfect, and tasted so yummy! I literally designed the whole party around the Gunn and Swain blankets that were littered through out the party so the mexican blankets on the cupcakes fit so well!

Additionally, we had a chips and guac station that was piled high! I spray painted all the containers tangerine, coral, and blue for a different take on the typical hot pink fiestas we have seen. the slogan for the whole party was “Guacs on us” which is seen on the chip station by Poppyjack Shop, and the custom Invite from Kayla Adams! I made and hung macrame plant hangers throughout the party, and over the lounge area that I picked up from Witty Rentals! All the guests were served tacos from a taco man on site, got to swing at a taco pinata, and indulge in a lot of fantastic desserts. So, maybe it does seem like I went all out this year.. I cant help myself. Hope you gain some inspiration from this double birthday fiesta!




Photography: Amber Thrane
Event Design & photo backdrop: The Shift Creative
Desserts: Sweet and Saucy Shop
Blankets: Gunn & Swain
Signage: Poppyjack Shop
Invites: Kayla Adams
Lounge Furniture: Witty Rentals
Girls dresses: Hatched Baby