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Jan 31, 2018

Tamera Mowry’s Family Photos Are So Adorable

The sweet photoshoot took place in the family’s backyard and you may just recognize the mama… :). For Tamera Mowry’s family photos, she recruited Alexes Lauren Photography, who then recruited bubbles to be her ultra fun photo assistant (genius!). What kid doesn’t love bubbles? Plus, with all the excitement they helped create, the photos turned out SO cute. While the parents chased their kiddos all around the yard stealing kisses and playing games, Alexes captured all the fun!

She says, “The Housley family is so welcoming and kind, they make you feel like you have known them for like, ever. I mean, I feel like I have since I watched Sister Sister growing up, haha. Kids love bubbles and I wanted their littles to have fun and enjoy their photo experience with me. ”

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  • Mary

    SO obsessed with family! These photos are gorgeous

  • Maddie

    The bubbles are such a cute idea! Love love love Tamera!

  • Lexi

    They are the CUTEST!

  • Alex

    Such sweet photos! Love it!

  • Lanie

    Omg are they not the most adorable?! Gah!

  • Alexes Eide

    LOVE! Thank you guys!

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