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Sweet Family Maternity Photos by The River

This may be a maternity session, but the sweetest part may be the big brother to-be! Him and his doting parents snuggle and sneak kisses, stroll through the beautiful scenery and even do a little fishing. All the while, Sarah Vaughan Photography capturing their every move. And as a result, we get to share the sweet family maternity photos by the river with you here! We know you’ll enjoy the photos of the precious trio and their excited expectancy of the baby on the way!

And how pretty is the mama’s dress from Fillyboo Maternity?!

Mom, Anise of Love and Garnish, says, The inspiration behind the shoot was how we spend our days as a family of 3.  Knox loves to throw rocks by the river and go fishing with Dad, or at least try to copy Dad :). We like to take walks in the sunshine among the trees and often when we take these walks, we like to point out different color flowers and other things we see along the way. Documenting these special and treasured times as a family of 3 was important to me as a mother before we welcomed our second son into the family.

Aren’t they the cutest!?