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Dec 31, 2014

NYC Sequins Family Photo Shoot

This family photo shoot on our baby blog today will make you giggle and swoon! Mother and father, daughter and son, this foursome’s walk in the park couldn’t be more fun or precious! The adorable clan donned sequins, stripes, vests, and ties to take some family photos with Amber Schoniwitz of Schyne photography, and it looks like they enjoyed every minute. With no shortage of style or funny faces the shoot is one of the most fun we’ve seen!  Here’s a little bit more about the adorable troupe from their photographer (and sister/aunt!):

Amy is tattoo artist who’s talents inspire me to be a better artist, & Jesse, a youth pastor, is also the biggest nerd you’ve ever met— which is definitely a great quality in my book. Their beautiful children, Jovi James & Nixon Moses, can charm their way into getting anything they want from this aunty, and the way they love as a family is simply beautiful. My favorite thing about them though, is their ability to put a smile on your face – no matter your mood, they are goofy and I’ve never had so many funny conversations with any other couple in my life. If you can’t tell by these photos the fruit doesn’t fall too far from the tree. There is a joy about them that is radiant and contagious, & my only hope is that these photos can put a smile on someones face!


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