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Sep 26, 2017

Must Haves for Babies on the Move

Hitting the mobility milestones of crawling and walking is equal parts exciting and terrifying. Exciting that your baby has a new skill and a whole new world has opened up to them, terrifying that you now have to contain or keep up with your little one! We’ve put together some of our favorite products and gadgets – these are our must haves for babies on the move.

Must Haves for Babies on the Move


Baby jumpers are great for needing to contain crawling babies (have you ever tried to make dinner with a baby who keeps disappearing?!). They help get some of that energy out, and also keep them within eye site. Amazon has a lot of different options depending on what your baby may be into – fish, animals, Minnie Mouse, etc.

Music Activity Centers

Music activity centers are another great way to slow down moving kiddos. They can either crawl to it to sit and play, or use it to pull themselves up. We like to move it around the room to give them practice with their mobility. The bright colors, lights and music are a natural draw.


For crawlers who are starting to pull themselves up or love walking with assistance, we recommend getting a walker. The Little Tikes Light ‘n Go 3-in-1 Activity Walker is a great option as it can also be a stationary table your little one can play with. We also love the durability and classic look of the wood walkers by Hape.  

Must Haves for Babies on the Move

Baby Proofing

Mobile babies also bring about the joy of baby proofing your house! You’ll want to do thorough research into what your home specifically needs, but we find most people need baby gates, drawer, cabinet child proof sets and rubber stoppers for sharp corners. Our favorite gates are by Munchkin and Navigate – there are a lot of styles and options to choose from!


If your baby has graduated to walking, it’s probably time to invest in a quality pair of shoes as well! Look for pairs that have good ankle support, a non-slip sole and are durable. We took careful care in measuring our kid’s feet before making a purchase as sizes vary from site to site. And always read the reviews! We love hearing from other parents which products did and did not work well for their kids.

What are your must haves for your walking & crawling little ones?! 

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