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May 08, 2012


Remember this sweet Colorado Elopement?! Well, Anna Richardson of Lucia Paul Design had a baby! She had plenty of ideas in mind for a baby girl’s nursery, but had to start from scratch when she found out she was having a boy! Unsure of where to begin, Anna slowly started finding inspiration in her favorite blogs and designers. She finally found her ideal boyish color palette of navy, kelly green and sunny yellow from the bright look of Mrs. Lilien Styling House and signature Kate Spade colors. Next was the search for key furniture pieces, and luckily, one of Anna’s best friends found a vintage 1970’s dresser for a steal! They refinished it in a bright yellow and converted it to the perfect changing table. The room is a visual playground for baby Dennison, with whimsical patterns and fun colors. While this is currently a room decorated to perfection for a baby boy, Anna really wanted something that can grow and mold into a room for an older boy someday.

My husband and I didn’t want a nursery that was too themed out with woodland creatures or Disneyesque like characters (which are all cute), but instead something that Dennison could grow into over the years.  We wanted to incorporate “grown-up” pieces, but make them kid friendly. Everything that we incorporated into the room can work now and later.  However, I am sure in a few years time as Dennison grows up, the entire look and feel of the room will change…plus who knows, one day he may have an opinion too on how he wants his room designed!

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