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  • Baby Photo Shoot - Inspired By This

    Baby Photo Shoot

    Get ready for a cuteness overload! This Eloise themed baby photo shoot is every little girl’s dream, so for Sophia’s second birthday, her mother and photographer, Belkis of B Hull Photography, took her on a fun trip to the Plaza. Belkis did a shoot for a friend at the Plaza and loved it so much that she had to do one for her daughter as well! Just like Eloise, Sophia spent the day posing in front of the mirror and playing the piano. And you can’t forget her tea party! My favorite picture of little Sophia is her trying to reach up dressed to the nines in her pink hair bow and tutu, you can just tell Sophia had so much fun  spending the day with Eloise and a couple cuddly friends.

    Be Prepared to Be Inspired…




    • http://twitter.com/weddingPR weddingPR

      Looking for baby girl inspiration?… It doesn’t get more girly than this! http://su.pr/2rNMKZ

    • http://twitter.com/asubtlerevelry asubtlerevelry

      @weddingPR Dying.. that is such an adorable girlie shoot:)

    • http://www.facebook.com/weddingpr Tina Barabonoff

      I wish I could keep my kids rooms this clean

    • http://www.facebook.com/weddingpr Megan Baucom

      Love this! ♥

    • http://www.cupcakescouturemb.com Cupcakes couture

      I am dyinggggggg. I can not wait to do this with Saylor someday!!

    • http://twitter.com/weddingPR weddingPR

      Inspired by this Eloise at the Plaza themed baby shoot! http://su.pr/2rNMKZ

    • http://twitter.com/robinnphoto robinnphoto

      This is the sweetest shoot RT @weddingPR Inspired by this Eloise at the Plaza themed baby shoot! http://su.pr/2rNMKZ

    • http://twitter.com/The_StylishOne The_StylishOne

      RT Inspired by this Eloise at the Plaza themed baby shoot! http://su.pr/2rNMKZ

    • http://twitter.com/WileyValentine WileyValentine

      oh my sweetness!! RT @weddingPR : Inspired by this Eloise at the Plaza themed baby shoot! http://su.pr/2rNMKZ

    • http://www.bhullphotography.com Belkis Hull

      So excited to have my baby girl featured on your blog!!! She had a great time and so did I!

    • http://twitter.com/BHullfotography BHullfotography

      @weddingPR thank you so much for the featured!#soawesome

    • http://twitter.com/oh_lovely_day oh_lovely_day

      @WileyValentine @weddingPR Found this thru Rachelle’s pins! adorbs and makes me hope for a girl next time :)

    • http://twitter.com/weddingPR weddingPR

      Pink, tutus, dolls and tea parties… every little girls dream day! http://su.pr/2rNMKZ

    • http://www.facebook.com/weddingpr Crystal Layland

      Oh my, that is too cute!

    • http://twitter.com/wendypashman wendypashman

      Would love to see the grown up version! Thinking #50thbirthday RT @weddingPR Pink, tutus, dolls and tea parties http://su.pr/2rNMKZ

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    • http://www.calierose.com Calie Rose

      I love Eloise! It’s one of my favorite childhood shows! This is a fun shoot and very adorable, cute!

    • Linda

      Loved how some of the pictures matched the illustrations
      in the book Eloise at the Plaza!