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Nov 18, 2016

Hot Air Balloon Maternity Shoot

This couple went back to the location where they wed, and re-enacted their engagement session in this beautiful hot air balloon maternity shoot! Oh, did we mention it was also for their anniversary? They had a whole lot to celebrate. And they did so in style. The mama-to-be is sharing their story with us here, and it’s SO sweet.

From the Mom-to-be…
I knew the day after my wedding that I wanted to do a one year anniversary shoot. Being an assistant photographer keeps my mind on pictures constantly! A few months into being married my husband and I were pleasantly surprised to find out we were pregnant, so our one year anniversary shoot evolved into a maternity shoot and I think the outcome couldn’t have been better!! We knew we wanted something different than a regular shoot but that still had timeless romantic elements. 
The hot air balloon inspiration came from our engagement shoot; we loved the whimsical look of the hot air balloon in our previous pictures, the bright colors and just the over all fun atmosphere that the hot air balloon brought to the day! We were so lucky to find Todd from Delmarva hot air balloons. He came to our location and brought his wonderful balloon!!  
coxe-maternity-hot-air-balloon-photos8of250 coxe-maternity-hot-air-balloon-photos192of250coxe-maternity-hot-air-balloon-photos6of250  coxe-maternity-hot-air-balloon-photos200of250coxe-maternity-hot-air-balloon-photos230of250 coxe-maternity-hot-air-balloon-photos212of250coxe-maternity-hot-air-balloon-photos238of250
I saw some inspiration on Pinterest to get our vows written on an accent wall for the shoot. So I am so happy that we found Kristen Snow Letters to make our beautiful calligraphy wall!
I wouldn’t chose anyone other then Petals by the Shore for the florals for my shoot and you can see why! Kelly goes above and beyond to make every piece gorgeous! We went back to Robin Hill farm where we said ‘I do’ almost a year ago and I am so glad we did. Being back at that beautiful venue brought back all the memories from our wonderful day!! With the hot summer weather, I knew that I had to get my hair and makeup professionally done. This way it would stay perfect throughout the shoot. I am so thankful for Up Dos for I Dos and her amazing talent to make me photoshoot ready! 
FinallyJoy captured everything I was hoping for and more! I will always suggest that people get the important times in their lives photographed to capture those fleeting moments for forever!
coxe-maternity-hot-air-balloon-photos74of250 coxe-maternity-hot-air-balloon-photos83of250 coxe-maternity-hot-air-balloon-photos153of250coxe-maternity-hot-air-balloon-photos43of250 coxe-maternity-hot-air-balloon-photos45of250 coxe-maternity-hot-air-balloon-photos96of250 coxe-maternity-hot-air-balloon-photos130of250 coxe-maternity-hot-air-balloon-photos164of250 coxe-maternity-hot-air-balloon-photos4of250coxe-maternity-hot-air-balloon-photos102of250  coxe-maternity-hot-air-balloon-photos100of250coxe-maternity-hot-air-balloon-photos166of250 coxe-maternity-hot-air-balloon-photos1of250 coxe-maternity-hot-air-balloon-photos3of250coxe-maternity-hot-air-balloon-photos170of250 coxe-maternity-hot-air-balloon-photos173of250coxe-maternity-hot-air-balloon-photos178of250
Wether you’re celebrating an anniversary, maternity, or both, there’s plenty more inspiration where this came from!

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