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Jul 02, 2018

Healthy Tips to Get Fit After Having A Baby

Everyone gains weight during pregnancy – it’s just part of growing a baby! But after delivery, most moms are ready to get back to their pre-baby normal. This definitely is a process and takes time (just think – it took you 9 months to gain all that weight!), but we have some tips and tricks to help you get fit after having a baby and back to feeling healthy and strong.

1. Start by making healthy swaps in the kitchen. Your body needs some time to recover physically. Most doctors recommend waiting at least 6 weeks before starting any kind of workout or strenuous activity. Take this time to rest and enjoy your new little one! But while doing that, start making some healthy swaps in the kitchen. You’re done with the nausea, cravings have ebbed, and you’re finally not sharing your body with anyone! We recommend starting small – swap your salad dressings for healthier options, opt for cleaner mayo and switch from refined sugar to a more natural option like honey or coconut sugar. If you don’t have time to grocery shop, check out Thrive Market to get healthy groceries delivered to you!

Also, pick up some new cook books! Some of our current favorites include True Roots, Simply Keto and Against All Grain: Meals Made Simple. Lastly, meal prep is key with a new baby! Your schedule will revolve around theirs, meaning when it’s finally time for you to eat you likely won’t feel like cooking. We love the sustainable storage sets from U-Konserve to store pre-made meals.

Healthy Tips to Get Fit After Having A Baby
Photo by Aly Carroll

2. Learn how to workout with baby. Once you get the all clear from your doctor to start work outs, keep in mind you’ll be facing new challenges to do so! You’ll either need to plan your workouts around baby’s nap or your partner’s availability, or find ways to include your new one in your workouts. One of the best products we invested in was the Bob Stroller (or the Double Bob for those of you on baby #2!). Between it’s suspension system, hand brake, and seats for the kiddos, it’s by far the best stroller for jogging with babies and kids! We also found hikes and walks to be a great way to get our workout in with a baby. For easy walks, we loved carrying the kiddos in our Ergo, and for more strenuous hiking the Deuter Kid Comfort pack is a must. For in-home workouts (by far the easiest to do with littles!) we turn to Tone it Up and Kayla Itsines to get our sweat on.

3. Hydrate! Between working out and breastfeeding (if that’s what you choose to do), staying properly hydrated is KEY. We love using water bottles to help track how much water you’re taking in, and it helps keep water cool! Some of our faves are Swell, Hydroflask, Ello and Klean Kanteen. If you need to switch it up from water try a fruit infuser water bottle, and if you’re feeling extra healthy add a shot of apple cider vinegar to your tumbler! If you’re feeling fancy and really need help in the water drinking department, check out Hidrate Spark which will light up when you haven’t had enough water in the day.

Photo via Alex & Alex

4. Lastly, get a new workout outfit! Physical activity is so much more fun when wearing new threads! And chances are your pre-baby workout clothes aren’t quite fitting yet. Some of our favorite brands are Fabletics, Zella, Athleta and Belabumbum – which has great active clothes that are nursing friendly – like this tank!

How do you bounce back after baby?

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