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Jul 31, 2015

The Gugu Guru’s Baby Registry Giveaway

Congratulations to Cate Thorin! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more giveaways in the future! xoxo
Not only is this the most interactive, personal, and easy-to-use baby registry out there, but they also put together a pretty incredible list of products that should definitely make your list! Our friends at Gugu Guru are changing the game for mamas-to-be with a completely personalized registry experience. You start by taking a visual and engaging registry quiz so they can make product recommendations that match your personal style, preferences, and lifestyle!
Gugu Guru Baby Registry GiveawayGugu Guru Baby Registry Giveaway


Creating a registry can be stressful and overwhelming, but Gugu Guru makes it simple and fun. you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home. Best part? It’s completely free!


They’re about to make one reader’s pregnancy (and life with baby) by giving her all of their favorite finds for mom and baby!! And trust us, they know what they’re talking about. To enter, make sure you create an account on their websiteand comment below!


 Gugu Guru Baby Registry Giveaway


Here’s what they have to say about the everything-you-need prize package – enter-to-win and shop the items too!


For Bump: We absolutely love the chic, affordable maternity styles of PinkBlush Maternity and moms-to-be will also enjoy discovering new products through three gift boxes filled with trimester-specific pregnancy goodies from Mama Boxes.


For Baby: With award-winning, new to the US DockATot, your little one will feel snuggled in a safe haven that feels a lot like the womb. Bambo Nature diapers are a Gugu Guru favorite because they’re safe (free of chemicals and allergens), super high quality and eco-friendly. The colorful Lullaby Earth Breeze crib mattress has a 100% waterproof mattress core and features a removable, washable 3D honeycomb breathable surface that doubles as a waterproof protector pad. Joovy is one of our all-around favorite brands offering baby registry essentials like the Boob Starter Set with Naturally Nood Nipples, the Room2 play yard, and one of the best lightweight umbrella strollers out there – the Groove Ultralight.


For the New Mom: Fashion meets function with Belly Bandit’s essentials to look good and feel good after pregnancy. Delicious Hey Mama Teas include the safest, naturally caffeine free, organic, and tasty ingredients that provide support to expecting and nursing Moms.


   Gugu Guru Baby Registry Giveaway

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  • Alex

    Love this site! Thanks for the giveaway!! Definitely registering for an UPPA baby Vista stroller!

    • Thanks so much, Alex! Congrats on your pregnancy too.

  • Lindsey B

    As a new mom to be all of the baby sites can be overwhelming. I love the recommendations. Hoping to win this awesome giveaway!

    • Thanks, Lindsey! Congrats on being a new mom xo

  • Katie

    Definatly going to register for the crib. Love this giveaway!

    • Sending lots of good vibes your way. 🙂

  • Josh Lippman

    Amazing giveaway….I’m gonna add the Stroller….love the look

    • Thanks so much, Josh! Joovy is pretty awesome.

  • Alpa D

    it definitely has to be for the crib and a stroller.

    • Thanks for checking us out Alpa! Hope you enjoyed. xo

  • Kim DeGryse

    I am definitely asking for the lullaby earth mattress 🙂

    • Don’t you love that mattress, Kim? Which color do you like the most?

  • Trisha

    Definitely registering for the crib!

  • april proveaux

    The first thing I registered for was my car seat!

  • Alyson

    I love that crib and mattress!

  • Brooke Berger

    I love GuguGuru! Great concept!

    • We love you, Brooke 🙂 Thanks so much!

  • Tina S Castor

    Excited for the giveaway! Thanks for featuring Gugu Guru…first time moms like me excited to add this picks to my registry! Especially at crib…love it!

  • Elena

    i love GuruGuru!! Great giveaway!

    • We love you too, Elena! Good luck xo

  • Rachel

    So many amazing things!

    • Thanks, Rachel! And we are adding NEW amazing things to GG all the time. 🙂 Good luck!

  • Sarah

    So good! I entered and I sent this to all of my mommy friends!

    • Thank you so much for sharing the love!! Good luck!

  • Audriana

    Love Gugu Guru!! This is an awesome way to have everything you want in one place! I definately need a stroller!

    • Thanks so much, Audriana! We love you too 🙂 Good luck!

  • Just signed up and the site looks awesome. We had a similar site for wedding and worked out perfectly. Cant wait to fully dive into GuguGuru!

    • Thanks so much, Allison! Can’t wait to hear what you think! xo

  • jessi clement

    This looks amazing! Love having things streamlined in one place!

  • serena

    I love having everything in my registry in the same place. I’m a first time mom so I’m definitely registering for all the basics – crib, sheets, play yard, diapers, bottles, etc.

    • We can’t wait to hear what you think, Serena!

  • Dana N.

    This looks so great! I am going to register for the crib mattress for sure!!!

    • You will love the Lullaby Earth mattress, Dana! Good luck!

  • Meg

    Gugu Guru, what a great website! So helpful!

    • Thanks so much, Meg! We are glad you like it! Good luck 🙂

  • Geneveigh Sewell

    I’m definitely registering for cloth diapers!

    • Can’t wait to see which ones you pick 🙂

  • MyChau Brikshavana

    Definitely registered for a baby swing!

    • Great! Lots of good ones to choose from.

  • Karen Gonzalez

    I registered for my brest friend nursing pillow!

    • Love that pillow. We definitely need to add more designs for nursing pillows. On the to do list!

  • Taylor Clark

    Ah. Registering for a great mattress, monitor, and bouncer!

    • Awesome – can’t wait to see! Good luck!

  • We already got a good bit off our registry at a surprise online baby sprinkle last weekend, and have been shopping around for used stuff as well!! Still needing crib mattresses, swings, monitor, and lots of cute matchy matchy / coordinating twin girl outfits ^_^

  • Kiera L

    Have no idea where to start with our registry. Looking forward to trying this out!

    • Can’t wait to hear what you think Kiera! 🙂

  • Jordan Troublefield

    Safety 1st 46 Pack Essentials Childproofing Kit! Such an necessity!!

  • Jessica

    I am registering for the PRIMO EuroBath, Pearl White. It looks perfect for keeping baby positioned comfortably.

    • We love the PRIMO’s ergonomic design!

  • Jessica

    definitely registering for rock n play sleeper this time around!

    • That is probably one of our favorite all-around products hands-down.

  • Regina Wright

    Definitely registering for a lightweight stroller!

    • The Joovy Groove is a Gugu Guru fav. Good luck!

  • Patricia Jacobs

    Registering for an organic mattress and as many organic products as I can find for my baby.

    • Patricia – check out Milkbarn. Love that brand!

      • Patricia Jacobs

        Thank you so much! I definitely will!

  • Jessica

    A stroller is definitely needed for a new baby! Added to registry

    • Awesome, Jessica! Which did you choose?

  • Kate Stephens

    I will definitely be registering for a jogging stroller so I can keep up with my running!

    • Can’t wait to see what you register for, Katie! Good luck!

  • Cheyenne Sarsona

    I’ve never heard of them until now and wish I knew about Guru Guru sooner!

    • Better late than never, Cheyenne! Good luck!

  • Megan

    I’ll be registering for a baby bassinet for sure!

    • Can’t wait to see which one you pick, Megan. Good luck!

  • Michelle

    I have quite a bit leftover from my first, definitely need another convertible carseat and a swing. Maybe a few new baby carriers. Other than that I have clothes, cloth diapers, and boobs so we are all set 🙂

    • Congrats on your second pregnancy, Michelle!

  • susiegalore

    I want that bassinet that swings over the bed!

    • You’re talking about the Halo? Great product!

      • susiegalore

        Yes!! Thanks, I couldn’t remember the name 🙂

  • Lea Anna

    For sure a stroller/car seat combo

    • We have lots of travel systems. Can’t wait to see what you pick!

  • SeerahDot

    I’m definitely registering for a bouncer; I’ve heard they’re an absolute must for those of us who live in small spaces but want the baby near. I’m also definitely registering for muslin swaddle blankets.

    • Seerah – definitely check out the Fisher Price Rock N Play

  • Kimmie Kim

    I could use a new infant car seat/stroller.

    • So many great products to choose from. We look forward to seeing what you pick!

  • Mandie C

    So cool!

  • Marilyn

    I am definitely registering for a wrap, so I can wear my baby! And cloth diapers!

    • Baby wearing rules! Bambo Nature is a great alternative to cloth diapering but we can’t wait to see what you register for – whatever you pick. 🙂

  • Alyssa

    Im going to register for a stroller and baby carrier, Also something to help co sleep or a bassinet. 🙂

    • Can’t wait to see what you register for!

  • Michael Thompson

    need a good running stroller/hybrid stroller. The baby jogger looks nice..

  • Liberty Thompson

    We are registered for a 4Moms Infant Bath!

  • Dandi D

    Something I definitely want this time around is a jogging stroller.

  • Elisabeth

    I registered for the 4moms Mamaroo Bouncer! That is a must have from everything I’ve heard! 🙂

    • Absolutely wonderful product – good luck!

  • thalia h

    I am most definitely registering for a breast pump, didn’t get one with my first and would absolutely love to have a bit of free time by having daddy or someone else take over a feeding to give me some extra time.

  • Stefanie

    I’m definitely registering for the 4moms mamaroo!

    • Fantastic product – one of our all time favorites.

  • angelina

    I am definitely registering for a belly bandit!

    • Gugu Guru’s founder Monica used the Belly Bandit after both pregnancies – seriously a MUST HAVE!

  • Cassie

    definitely registering for the Halo Bassinest. My cousin used one and it was SO helpful

    • It’s a great product! Good luck!

  • Suzanne

    The halo cosleeper

    • The HALO is a great product! Good luck!

  • Joey Wright

    A jogger! My family needs a jogging stroller for our long walks.

    • Good luck, Joey. We have some great joggers to choose from 🙂

  • Thania

    I’m definitely registering for the 4moms mamaroo… We are starting completely over after 6 years and man we could use a win!

  • Elise

    I definitely registered for the Belly Bandit!! Here’s to hoping I get it!

    • Good luck – the Belly Bandit is wonderful

  • Erin G

    This is my 3rd pregnancy so I am mostly registering for new white onesies, wipes, diapers and a new crib since the one we used for our other two has seen better days 🙂

  • naturalactions

    I definitely registered for the HALO bassinet!

  • Penni

    I’m definitely registering for the awesome HALO Bassinest!

  • Cam Sweeps

    I’m definitely registering for the HALO bassinet – it’s pretty much the only item I didn’t have for my first that I regretted!

  • Denise Konkel

    I am definitely registering for a moby wrap (black one)

  • Dianne Hall

    I have heard amazing things about the 4mom Mamaroo! I would love that!

  • Jessica Mack

    Im definitely needing the dockatot

  • Rachel

    I’m most definitely needing a new crib!!

  • Amy

    Need this!! such great items…hope I win!!

  • Val

    I need allll the things!!!

  • Lauren Price Simms

    Diapers, stroller, crib

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