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Sep 01, 2015

Editor’s Picks: 13 Cute Products for Your Baby

Hi again! I’m back to share with you today some of my favorite finds for my baby GIRL!! That’s right, #itsagirl and we couldn’t be more excited 🙂 Since finding out the gender I’ve been reaching out to my family and friends about their favorite products and brands that are must have’s for a little girl, and I’m excited to share some of these picks with you!

First up – the fun stuff! Toys, clothes and accessories:

If you follow any mommy-bloggers, changes are you’re familiar with the Solly Baby wrap. It’s come so highly recommended by so many other moms that it was one of the items at the top of my list. I chose a blush wrap with dainty cream polka dots, and I’m pretty excited to put it to use!

One of the items I really wanted was a first-year baby book. My husband and I create photo books for each year, so we’re excited to document the first year of our little girl’s life. I found the CUTEST one on Lucy Darling Shop – it’s practical and stylish and will be the perfect keepsake for all those special first moments.

For the most part I’m trying to avoid plastic toys and teethers, so when I was told about the One I Love shop and their organic and fair-trade products, I immediately went to shopping. Their wood is natural and free of toxic chemicals and finishes. We got a set of wooden ABC blocks, this cute stuffed Giraffe (made with organic cotton!) and the heart teether, which is smooth and sanded and the perfect size for babies! To en

d to our wooden toy collection, we got the Wee Workout Baby Gym from The Land of Nod that she’ll not only love, but will also look so cute in my house!

Last, but certainly not least – the clothes! We would’ve been ecstatic about having a boy or a girl, but I do think the shopping is more fun for a little girl.. sorry baby boys! Just Born and Aden + Anais have so far been my go to’s thanks to their practicality, stylish options and quality products.

10 Baby Must Haves 10 Baby Must Haves 10 Baby Must Haves 10 Baby Must Haves

Next up – bath time! Bathing the baby is one of the things I’m most nervous about… it just seems like the perfect opportunity for something to go drastically wrong! But after talking to other moms and picking out our soaps and tub, I’m feeling a little more confident. If you don’t know Tubby Todd – I highly recommend you looking into it! It’s free of all the yucky stuff you don’t want to bathe your baby in (parabens, artificial colors and fragrances, BPA bottles, etc). It was developed by a fellow mom for her kiddos, so you know it’s gotta be good! For the tub, we went with the 4Moms Infant Tub. It has a digital thermometer for the water temperature, a clean water in-dirty water out filtering system and can be used in your home bathtub. All things needed to put this new mama’s mind at east!

10 Baby Must Haves 10 Baby Must Haves


And last up – the gear! With an engineer husband, reviews, tech and specs are verrrry important in our household. After researching, talking to other moms and comparing products we settled on the EquiptBaby bag, 4moms MamaRoo infant seat and the Orbit stroller. The EquiptBaby bag is the perfect options for new parents – great for mom or dad! It also comes with a portable bassinet with SPF 50 nylon. Perfect for our little family beach days or camping trips! When talking with other moms, 2 words kept coming up – “Mama Roo.” Apparently moms (and dads!) swear by this machine to help rock their babies to sleep. With movements that mimic rocking arms, built in nature sounds and bluetooth capability that allows you to control it from your phone – we were in. And last up – the stroller and carseat! I’m not sure there’s a product we looked into more. From car ride to walks to vacations, little girl is going to be spending a lot of time in it! Safety, comfort and ease were our top priorities, and the system that seemed to best fit that criteria is Orbit drive and stroll combo. Plus it’s the only stroller where you can rotate which direction baby faces – love that!

Alright moms – what else does this newbie need?!




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