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Aug 21, 2015

10 Toddler Friendly Favorites + Giveaway

Mamas are always looking for the best thing for their babes, so we put together this list of our 1o toddler friendly favorites on our baby blog today! AND we’re giving away a bundle including a Tnee’s teepee, Geleeo Cooling pad, Snapper Rock UV protection apparel, Babyaitors sunglasses, a June & January gift card, a 3 month subscription to M is for Monster and a 30 minute photography session with Sanaz Photography! Check out some of our must haves for baby too!



Available in four colors, this cooling pad fits right in to your stroller set-up and works wonders on keeping your kid cool. Definitely a concern in these Summer months, you can have a little peace that your babe is sitting comfortably. We love that it doesn’t require any freezing or cooling before use – literally, it does it all on its own. Love it.


10 Toddler Friendly Favorites
Talk about the perfect play area/bedroom decor/backyard hideout for your tot! But wait, these teepees are way more then that – they are SO adorable! The cutest we’ve seen, really. Check out all the different patterns and colors!


10 Toddler Friendly Favorites


3. Wooden Growth Chart
The Salvaged Soul has quickly become our go-to for handmade wooden pieces. Ahem… how cool is this growth chart?! It’s a fun way to check in on how tall the little ones are getting – in a way that is home decor sensitive :). AKA it’s a really pretty way to document your child’s growth!


 10 Toddler Friendly Favorites - Inspired By This 10 Toddler Friendly Favorites - Inspired By This


These sunnies are the cutest! And just wait until you put them on! Don’t worry, your baby boy has more to choose from than hot pink, but we just couldn’t resist ;).  Plus, it’s so important to make sure baby’s eyes are protected too, and these do the job of keeping those UV rays out.


10 Toddler Friendly Favorites
5. Snapper Rock kids summer UV clothes
When it comes summertime, protecting littles from the sun is a huge priority! Hence, the babyaitors above, and this protective clothing that blocks UV rays. Not all clothing does, so these specially designed items are a great way to feel confident that your kids’ skin isn’t being harmed when they are running around in the sun. The Kaftan, tankini, & fedorawere a big hit for us – with pineapples and florals you can’t go wrong.


10 Toddler Friendly Favorites
These clothes are the comfiest, and so easy to slip on and off! As part of our giveaway bundle you’ll get $150 credit to June & January, so you can pick out your favorite outfits from all the colorful headbands and onesie jumpers to the adorable patterned dresses and blankets!


10 Toddler Friendly Favorites
These kits come once a month, if you sign up for a subscription, or just once, depending on what you want, and are filled with fun materials for both learning & playing. They are curated especially to your son/daughter’s age – which makes them so useful for that specific time in their life!


10 Toddler Friendly Favorites


 We’re big fans of Sanaz’ work (check it out!). We think fam photos, or just those of the kids, are always a good idea! We love documenting every moment of our little’s since they change so much! And her photos will help you do that – in a beautiful way!

*Note: must be in the Los Angeles area to receive this part of the giveaway.

 10 Toddler Friendly Favorites


9. The Portable Highchair

This highchair is a dream for toting around town. Whether back and forth from home to work, to relatives, to the beach, this easily collapsable highchair packs right up, and then unpacks, so your child (up to 35 lbs) always has a place to sit and snack! If you shop The Portable Highchair make sure you use the code “save10” to save 10 dollars off any order on the site excluding the college line! Woot!
10 Toddler Friendly Favorites 10 Toddler Friendly Favorites - Inspired By This


Traveling is made cuter and simpler when your tot has this super cute backpack along for the trip! Rolling? Check. Wearable? Check. Easily spotted at the baggage claim? Check! Plus your toddler will LOVE it, and the cute detachable pillow that comes with!
10 Toddler Friendly Favorites - Inspired By This

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  • Mary Margaret Bielby

    As a Florida resident, winning the Geleeo Cooling Pad would be life changing!

  • Heather Birdsell

    Love all of this stuff! My kids would have a blast with it all!

  • Jenessa Cintron

    All of this is amazing and beautiful! Who wouldn’t love all of these items?!

  • Does the Teepee come in adult size?! #love

  • Brittany Hughes

    Ahhh!! I need all of this for Madalyn!! And I am in love with the teepee and the stroller cooling pad!!

  • valerie rodriguez

    Everything is amazing! Would love the teepee for our reading nook I’m setting up 🙂

  • Rachel Schmidt

    Would love any of these things!

  • Cassandra Eastman

    I’d be most excited about the June & January gift card! I’d love to get my daughter some clothes and headbands. I think my toddler would be most excited about the Tnee’s Teepee, and i’d love the Ciao Baby Highchair for my 5 month old!

  • Ashley Bree Perez

    the Portable high chair is my favorite! How neat is that! 🙂

    The Portable Highchair

  • Lindsey

    My littlest would love all of this, but that teepee looks like so much fun!

  • Kristine

    My daughter would love to play in that teepee! How fun!

  • Sandra Caballero

    Most excited to win the Geleeo stroller ! ?

  • Rebecca Graham

    The teepee!

  • nickyj

    I’d be most excited to win the $150 credit to June & January.. comfy clothes rock

  • Amy Taylor

    The cooling pad would be amazing in the desert heat!

  • Chelsea

    I want to win that Teepee!!

  • Kasey Bailey

    Like every all of these products, I want them all!

  • Lizz

    Love everything but the cooling pad would be awesome to have. Living in Florida it gets hot!

  • Madeleine Franconi

    Yes, please!

  • sramassyla

    That teepee is just too cute! That’s my pick for my little niece!

  • Larissa Ann

    Tnee teepee is soooo adorable!

  • Holly

    I’m in LA and due in Nov… would LOVE to have a photographer shoot my newborn. Can’t put a price on that!!! And my 3 year old will love everything else 🙂

  • The cooling pads look great- would love to win!

  • Shauna Conway Altes

    Looks amazing!

  • Bianca Munoz

    Love the portable highchair! But everything is awesome! Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Celia Gatti

    Want that teepee!

  • Hannah

    Wow these look like such great prizes!

  • manda

    The tent!

  • Michelle

    Oooh that tent is to die for!

  • tanya

    The portable highchair would be so great for traveling Thanks for the chance

  • Suzanne devaux

    The Tepee!!

  • Dianne Hall

    The rolling suitcase/backpack is so cute

  • Marcee

    Love the Tnee teepee!

  • Natalie Schilla

    The Tepee! So cute

  • Giselle

    The tent my little boy would love it!!

  • Jaclyn hinojosa

    I need that tent!

  • Autumn Lynn

    All of it, but mostly T’nes Teepee!!

  • Alyssa

    I am most excited for the teepee

  • Brianne

    Most excited to win a teepee for my little one’s first birthday!!

  • Ashley Nicole

    The wooden growth chart by The Salvaged Soul is probably my favorite item, but they are all pretty awesome!

  • Jen Kramer

    What an amazing giveaway!!! Would love that teepee!!

  • Denise Konkel

    The teepee especially 🙂

  • Aaron Reck

    Especially the teepee!!! How incredible.

  • Jordan Troublefield

    The teepee is adorable!!! Would love that for my niece!

  • Ashley Zak

    The teepee is awesome!

  • Sarah Kettner-Holliday

    the traveling highchair, no more worries about how many germs are in the restaurant high chairs, I know this one will be clean.

  • Nicki Joseph

    Most excited about the Teepee but all are wonderful

  • Hannah

    I’ll take the high chair! Would be so perfect for weekend camping trips… and the growth chart! it’s sooooo cute! fingers crossed 🙂

  • Michelle

    I need the teepee PLEEEEASE

  • Kimberly

    My toddlers would LOVE the teepee!

  • Elisha Dudley

    That teepee!

  • Sara Lowe

    The cute outfits and headbands for my best friend’s mini me!

  • Tara Balaity

    We would be so grateful for the photography session, thank you! Love it ALL!

  • Kristena Kailey

    We would LOOOVVVEEE the Tenee’s Teepee for our little one. The other day I was looking at different teepees for our son’s nursery and these are just perfect!!! Absolutely love the natural gray arrow teepee!!!

  • Temi

    We would love the teepee for our son! Play date heaven!

  • Joy Person

    I’m most excited to win the teepee for my little girl! She has always wanted one and I’d love to win and decorate with lights and garland and make it a lovely place for her to relax and read.

  • rachel

    The June & January credit!

  • DanaQueen

    I am most excited to win Tnee’s Teepee. It would included in ton of fun play both indoors and out, and provide a shaded play area as well.

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