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Apr 17, 2017

What to Eat for Glowing Skin

As we transition into warmer days, we’re all about revitalizing our skincare routines for clear and glowing spring & summer skin! We’re true believers in the idea that beauty starts from the inside out, so when board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jill Javahery came to us with a roundup of foods to eat for glowing skin, we jumped on board! With just a few additions (and subtractions) from our daily diet, our skin is looking better than ever!

Photo by Kara Stout

Start eating

Bone broth:

  1. Bone broth is full of nutrition in an easy-to-digest form. It’s great for hair, skin, and nail health, and provides support for the digestive system (which is also linked to your skin!). Dr. Javahery swears by it – “I drink it almost every day!”


  1. Dark and leafy greens are amazing for your skin! Next time you order a salad, think kale, spinach, and arugula instead of iceberg lettuce. Leafy greens are packed with vitamins, fiber, and iron, which all contribute to healthy and glowing skin.


  1. Melons and other foods that are rich in hydration will work wonders on parched skin! It also helps that watermelon is one of our favorite summer treats.

Photo by Meg Perotti

Avoid –


  1. “When you eat sugar, you don’t look right,” says Dr. Javahery. If you avoid one food item, make it sugar. It can cause inflammation, redness, and acne – No, thank you!


  1. Similar to sugar, alcohol can negatively affect your appearance and irritate existing skin conditions. If you avoid drinking for just one week, you’ll look so much better! We’ll definitely be keeping this in mind next time we have a big event coming up. 😉


  1. It’s no secret that we love our coffee at IBT HQ, but Dr. Javahery explains that over-caffeinating will just make you look dehydrated. “Even before your morning coffee, start your day with hot water and lemon,” she recommends. It can help you combat any negative effects that coffee may have on your path to glowing skin!


Looking for a dermatologist? Dr. Jill Javahery has offices in both El Segundo and Long Beach to offer more tips and treatment.

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