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Sep 21, 2017

This Product will Improve Your Lifestyle at Home

We love anything that makes our lives a little easier – who doesn’t? And as busy moms and on-the-go gals, we appreciate anything we can control with our phone. So, we were so happy to test out the Sengled Element light bulbs that allow you to control your lighting from an app on your phone. Whether at home or the office (or wherever you constantly forget to turn off the lights), these light bulbs are a life saver. And budget friendly! But that’s just the beginning. The Sengled Element will transform the way you function and improve your lifestyle at home. Here’s how:

Improve Your Lifestyle at Home

Save Energy with a Schedule

We already mentioned you can control the bulbs from an app on your phone, but you can do much more than switch them on and off. You can set a schedule for when you want the lights to be on or off as well. Pick which room you want to control and what hours of the day you want the light to turn on, off, or dim. Genius.

Improve Your Lifestyle at Home Improve Your Lifestyle at Home Improve Your Lifestyle at Home

Wake Up Easier with Natural Light

Speaking of a schedule, you can program the light to come on at a certain time of morning AND the color lighting it gives off. Do you love waking up to natural light? Set the bulb to the cool daylight setting at a certain time and it practically doubles as an alarm clock! This feature is especially ideal for anyone who needs to wake up when it’s still dark, and for all of us when daylight savings time ends.

Improve Your Lifestyle at Home Improve Your Lifestyle at Home

Keep Your Home Safe While on Vacation

We love that the Sengled Element can give us peace of mind while traveling. Ensure your home looks lived in by sticking to a lighting schedule while away, or turning the lights on from your phone every now and then. Plus, you’ll never have to wonder again if you left the lights on. There are enough things to worry about while traveling, don’t let your home be one of them.

Create the Perfect Atmosphere for Entertaining

We also love controlling the temperature and brightness of the light for not only different times of day but different events. Hosting a dinner party or just want your home to feel more cozy? Turn the bulb to emit warmer light and lower the brightness. This immediately sets the tone and can help you achieve the desired atmosphere. You can also set the tone with music by incorporating the Sengled Pulse equipped with JBL speakers and bluetooth technology. Imagine the perfect tunes filling every room in the house without extra cords or contraptions!

Improve Your Lifestyle at Home Improve Your Lifestyle at Home Improve Your Lifestyle at Home Improve Your Lifestyle at Home

Create the Perfect Lighting for Photographs

At both home and the office, controlling the lighting is imperative when it comes to taking a great photo or styling the right Instagram (it’s true!).  In all actuality, the Element allows us to set the mood or brightness we’re going for without the aid of filters. Mid-styling and want the light brighter? The Element can also sync with Alexa and Amazon Echo, so all you have to do is ask Alexa to turn up the lights! Easy as pie.

Improve Your Lifestyle at Home Improve Your Lifestyle at HomeImprove Your Lifestyle at Home

These benefits just skim the surface of all the Sengled Element can do. Be sure to check out the Pulse & Twilight bulbs as well for more lifestyle improving characteristics.

This post is sponsored by Sengled. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Inspired by This!

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    So cool!

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    This is so awesome!

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    Such good tips!

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    I am all abut smart home products… never thought i would need smart lightbulbs but now I’m thinking I do!!

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