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A Nutritionist’s Grocery List to Costco

Who likes to buy in bulk?! Whether you have a big family or you just hate running out of anything, Costco is the place to shop for things you need in high quantities, which includes a lot of our favorite foods! But how do you navigate the massive stores to find what you want, let alone what you didn’t even know to look for in the first place! Well, Weeknight Bite’s Lindsay Surowitz is here to help you navigate the warehouse style stores with ease and find the healthy options. Yes, Costco has healthy options!! She’s taken us through Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods too, but sometimes it’s better to buy your almonds in 10 pound bags, you know? Here’s the nutritionist’s grocery list to Costco so that next time you visit, you grab the right things, instead of being left with that giant case of mega muffins (we’ve been there).

Photo by Angelica Marie Photography


Stock up on all of your favorite fruits and veggies!  Make sure to reference the EWG Dirty Dozen and pick up organic options of the produce on that list! My go-to’s are:

Spring Mix

There are also tons of organic frozen options! My picks:

Frozen organic berries
Brussel sprouts
Organic Riced cauliflower – my favorite!

Pantry Items

Kirkland Organic Quinoa
Organic Cooked Brown Rice
Kirkland Creamy Almond Butter
Nuttzo Almond Butter
Justin’s Almond & PB Packs
Chia Seeds
Hemp Seeds
Canned Beans
Canned Wild Salmon
Canned Wild Tuna
CannedCoconut Milk
Quaker Old Fashioned Oats
Coach’s Oats

Rao’s Homemade Marinara Sauce
Coconut Oil
Chosen Foods Avocado Oil
Apple CiderVinegar
Hak’s BBQ Sauce
Banza Pasta (chickpea pasta)
Tolerant brand Lentil Pasta
Himalayan Pink Salt
Herbs & Spices
Blanched Almond Flour
Coconut Flour
Coconut Sugar
Pure Maple Syrup
Dave’s Killer Bread

Refrigerated Foods

Organic Chicken & Basil Meatballs
Wild Sockeye Salmon Filet
Organic Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
Organic Free Range brown eggs
Organic Greek Yogurt (I prefer plain)
Grass-fed beef burgers
Organic hard boiled & pre-peeled eggs
Hail Merry Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites
Hail Merry Chocolate Almond Butter Tarts
Wholly Guacamole Packs
Hummus Packs Packs
Organic Unsweetened Almond Milk
Organic Milk

Frozen Foods

Wild fish: mahi mahi, sockeye salmon, halibut, sea bass
Organic Chicken, quinoa & kale
Organic Chicken breasts


Mary’s Gone Crackers
Organic Sweet Potato Crackers
Somersaults sunflower seed bites
Nuts – I love their raw almonds & walnuts
Trail Mix packs (watch the sugar in these!)
Pre-peeled organic hard boiled eggs
Organic Bare Apple Chips
Autumn’s Gold Grain-free Granola
Rx Bars
Lara bars
Mini Perfect Bars – variety pack
Wholly Guacamole minis
Organic Kirkland Hummus single serve cups
The Good Bean crispy organic chickpeas


Alright, here’s your list! Don’t forget to pin it so that you can easily pull it up next time you visit Costco. Happy shopping!

What are your favorite items from Costco?