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Sep 01, 2016

Marble Mousse Push Pops Recipe

We’re almost certain this may be the most fun dessert we have ever shared on Inspired by This. Yep, we said it! DIY maven Kara, of A Kailo Chic Life, has a knack for bringing her colorful DIY ideas to life with food too! She crafted these marble mousse push pops out of a few simple ingredients and supplies. We think they’re the cutest thing! Don’t leave without taking note of this recipe – it’s the perfect activity for Labor Day Weekend!

Marbled Mousse Push Pops Recipe - Inspired by This
The Supplies:
Clear Push-Up Pop Molds
Decorative Color Mist (this is my secret weapon to creating the marbled look)
Piping bag with Extra Large Piping Tip

Ingredients for Vanilla Mousse
(I used this recipe)
1 cup heavy or whipping cream
A package of instant pudding
1 cup milk
(To make vanilla pudding chocolate – 2 tbsp. cocoa)
Optional: 1 tbsp. liquor or liqueur, or 1 tsp. extract.Marbled Mousse Push Pops Recipe - Inspired by This
Begin by opening your push pop containers and spraying bits of the food coloring on the sides of the container. You just want a few scattered spots, so don’t feel like you have to coat the inside of the container. Try several different colors for a fun rainbow effect.
Marbled Mousse Push Pops Recipe - Inspired by This
Once you have added a few sprays of food coloring, use your piping bag to fill the push pop container with mousse by pushing the mousse around the sides of the container in a circular motion while working your way to the top. Think of it as a similar motion to filling an ice cream cone with soft serve ice cream. That circular motion pushes the mousse against the food colored sides of the container creating the marbled effect.

Freeze or serve as is for a fun marbled treat!

Marbled Mousse Push Pops Recipe - Inspired by This

Let us know if you try them!


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