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  • Food Stylist Helene Dujardin - Inspired By This

    Food Stylist Helene Dujardin

    Today on our Love This Thursday we are featuring the amazing food stylist Helene Dujardin. Helene moved to the US from France in 1998 with just a suitcase and an old film camera. After she quit the restaurant business she started the award winning food blog Tartlette. I believe that food is not only a feast for the stomach but also for the eyes and I can’t get enough of these photos! I’ve always admired food styling and I’m really excited to have it be incorporated into my wedding. I get inspired by everything around me and food is no exception! Take a look at some of these mouthwatering photos from Helene and stop by her blog for more inspiration. I love looking at the photos and I’m excited to use some of the recipes when I make my new husband dinners at home!




    • http://www.zenadiadesign.com Heidi @ Zenadia

      Beautiful! What a fun job, but I’d be afraid I would eat what I was shooting. =)

    • http://mansurovs.com Lola

      Very pretty :)

    • http://www.sandyalamode.com/ Sandy

      she is my role model for food pictures!!! all my pictures turn out soo dark and drab and don’t like THAT appetizing!! the common thing in all these pictures is that there is a light of white and brightness to them, that’s one thing i could improve on for sure!

    • http://www.simplymodernweddings.com christina

      this is making me so hungry right now!

    • http://www.megansgarden.net Tara

      Hungry now for sure! Beautiful and Inspiring Pictures!

    • Cindy

      Who knew food could look so beautiful!

    • http://www.evonnedarren.com Evonne & Darren Photography

      I have to remember not to read Helene’s blog right before lunch or dinner! :)