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Aug 06, 2019

The Feature You Didn’t Know Your Home Needed

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Chances are, if you clicked on the title, you are a homeowner or savvy renter. So, we’re excited to tell you about the simple home upgrade we recently made that is game-changing. AND it’s virtually invisible. Any guesses? We partnered with LLumar® to add window film to our dining room window. Vista® by LLumar Home Window Films offer films that serve a variety of purposes at home from privacy, to furniture protection, to heat reduction, and more. We were curious to test out their window film in our own home and see the benefits firsthand.

Llumar Films, Window Film

Why Window Film is Necessary

Are you ever sitting down to a meal at lunchtime, or enjoying appetizers before sunset when the sun is blaring through the window, obtrusively making people hot and uncomfortable? Just us? We didn’t think so! Window film can have an immense impact on the amount of protruding heat, making everyone more comfortable. LLumar Films’ spectrally-selective window films are made with advanced technologies that singles out the infrared region of the solar spectrum resulting in a film that lets in more light than heat. Bonus: this heat reduction is key in helping to keep your AC costs down during the summer months! Thus, not only saving you $$$ on bills, but also saving energy.

More importantly, though, these films also help block UV rays from entering into your home, meaning the film layer added to the glass can help protect your furniture, textiles, and art from damaging UV rays. If you have ever experienced discoloring couches or drapes, you know what we mean when we say that over time the sun wreaks havoc on our furniture. Instead of watching investment pieces slowly fade that are costly to replace or reupholster, incorporating a window film can save you the trouble and funds of replacing carpets, art, or upholstered furniture down the line.

Another highly beneficial feature, if you are looking to install window films where you work or watch TV, is that they reduce harsh glare. This offers a more screen-friendly environment that is not only more comfortable for viewing, but also easier on your eyes.

Llumar Films, Window Film Llumar Films, Window Film

What Film We Chose & Why

There are quite a few film options to choose from, so we set up a consultation with our local LLumar dealer to go over all of the options and also to give the team a feel for the space and window that we were working with. Each film has its own special features and each one gave us a unique reason to love it. For instance, there are solar control window films, decorative window films that offer elevated design, and safety and security films with greater tint or thickness.

Llumar Films, Window Film Llumar Films, Window Film Llumar Films, Window Film

After previewing the sample films in the space and seeing what they would each look like on the window, we chose the Vista VS70 product. This film blocks a good amount of the sun’s heat and 99% of UV rays without blocking the light like most traditional window tints or films. The Vista VS70 has a barely-there appearance that is great for applications where maintaining the look of existing glass is highly important. Considering we work from home and photograph a lot of content at home, having natural light is not just nice, but necessary. It was important to us when selecting a film, that it not darken the room but still allow us to enjoy the beautiful morning light or afternoon glow that shines through.

In addition to the virtually invisible look, the film will help protect against extreme heat in the summertime, so we can still enjoy the space where we like to entertain and have family meals. Finally, after moving into this house just over a year ago and spending time and energy making it feel like home, protecting our decorative pieces and furniture was also highly important. In Colorado, where the sun shines almost every day, having a window film to help reduce UV damage on the furniture is not only nice, but vital. We couldn’t be more thrilled to know that we won’t need to replace dining room chairs or faded artwork anytime in the near future.

Llumar Films, Window Film Llumar Films, Window Film

How The Film is Installed

The process to install the window film was seamless—both literally and figuratively. After a quick consultation a week prior, the local LLumar dealer arrived with our film selection in hand and applied it to the dining room window. The whole process took under an hour from start to finish (more like 20 minutes!). If we wouldn’t have watched the film being applied, we might not have even noticed the difference visually! The window still let in the beautiful natural light, but we could feel the difference. And the team couldn’t have been more helpful or professional.

LLumar dealers guarantee professional service, precision installation and customer satisfaction, and we can vouch for them! Use the LLumar Dealer Locator to find a dealer near you and start protecting your home and providing comfort to guests today!

Llumar Films, Window Film Llumar Films, Window Film Llumar Films, Window Film

Have more questions about Llumar Films and why we love our new window film? Ask us in the comments! 

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