Modern Wooden Alabama Home - Inspired By This

Modern Wooden Alabama Home

Today’s modern wooden Alabama home tour is full of wooden detail and rich textures!! Built in the 1920’s, this Spanish Revival home has so much history and we love how the architect added clean, modern touches. The hand-build French range is absolutely stunning… we wish we could have one for each of our homes if we had the space!! :) Wait until you see the glass-paned living room with the gorgeous view!!

Be Prepared to Be Inspired…

Obsessed with this kitchen!! Amazing wooden details!

How gorgeous is this room?! Love the large, open windows + white accents!

Amazing, spa-like bathroom!

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    Mod Alabama home with gorgeous wooden accents on the blog!

  • weddingPR Deep charcoals + mix and match neutrals in this to die for living room on the blog!!

  • weddingPR

    Stunning French range + wooden kitchen on the blog!! We want one for our homes :)