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Jul 23, 2018

How To Quickly Clean Before Hosting A Party

Summer is full of hosting opportunities! Be it drinks with your friends out on the deck, or a backyard BBQ with your family, this is the time where we max out our social calendars to take advantage of the extra daylight! The not-so-fun part of having people over, however, is cleaning up pre and post party. Although we wish we were the type that found cleaning therapeutic and enjoyable, we try to clean in the most quick and efficient way possible, especially when someone says they’ll be over in 15. So, we partnered with Dawn to help show you how to quickly clean before hosting a party.

This summer Dawn is celebrating 40 Years of helping save wildlife from environmental disasters. Dawn  has helped their wildlife partners safely clean more than 75,000 birds and marine animals in the United States endangered by oil pollution and environmental catastrophes. In fact, Dawn is the only dishwashing brand trusted by wildlife experts for decades. Their efforts rescuing wildlife (not just adorable fuzzy ducklings) give us reason to celebrate! And if that weren’t enough to make Dawn our go to cleaning solution, its washing power is as tough on grease as it is gentle on feathers. So naturally, we’re using it to party prep all summer! Here’s how:

When inviting anyone over, we love to mix up a batch of refreshments to greet them with. Who doesn’t love a good margarita? Especially when spiked with strawberry flavor?! To make, mix 1 part tequila with 1 part margarita mix and 1 part Strawberry puree in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake! Rim glasses with lime and salt and fill with ice. Then, pour the mixture into each glass and garnish with a strawberry and lime wedge! These make for delicious and refreshing mocktails as well, of course!

Voila! Now, for the clean-up – or should we say easy part! No one wants a sink full of dirty dishes before the party even starts. So, once your cocktail tray is ready, squeeze a little Dawn Ultra on a sponge and easily wash the cocktail shaker, knife, and cutting board before guests arrive.

While Dawn dish soap is the optimal solution for cleaning dishes and kitchen messes, it has a variety of uses around the home that will help you clean before the party starts. Dawn’s grease-fighting power is 3x stronger than generic dish soap, so it also works great on surfaces like countertops and floors. To continue getting party ready, we wiped down our countertops and patio tables with Dawn.

Dawn Ultra is designed to cut grease and get rid of dirt fast – even outdoor grease and grime. So, we were able to watch our outdoor space become party-ready with just a quick wipe down. Fill a bucket with water and a squirt of Dawn dish soap (a little goes a long way!) before dipping a sponge in the bucket and wiping down all surfaces. Rinse with water and dry with paper towels. Easy peasy.

Now it’s party time! Any stress or worry you had concerning a clean house is gone. Now you can relax and enjoy your company… and a cocktail! Not only has Dawn been helping save wildlife for the past 40 years, but has also been making cleaning easier for everyone. Plus, how cute is their celebratory bottle?!

Do you want to see Dawn at work out in the wild? For their 40th anniversary of helping save wildlife, they are hosting the first ever Golden Duck Contest, to give you the chance to take your family on a VIP Wildlife Experience to see the amazing things Dawn’s wildlife partners do. From now until 11:59:59pm ET on October 6, 2018, visit your local retailer, purchase a 40th Anniversary Bottle of Dawn Dish Soap (we have a special coupon for you here!), take a photo of the full receipt, submit it here, and complete the registration form for a chance to win. The winning families will be flown to Dawn’s wildlife partner locations for a behind-the-scenes look at how they are helping wildlife and the animals they save.

This post is in partnership with Dawn. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Inspired by This!

  • Kathy

    Yummm those cocktails look so good! Can’t wait to try!

  • Greta

    Those cocktails look delish and these are lovely tips!!

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