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Jul 15, 2020

House Plant Survival Guide for those Without Green Thumbs

We will be the first to admit, keeping a house plant alive is hard. We know the struggle between overwatering / underwatering, too much light or not enough light, the list goes on. But with so many different plants individual care needs it can be hard to get all the info down in one simple blog post so, we are deciding to focus on one plant, the Calatheas. A plant that is known to be tough enough to withstand those without green thumbs.

House Plant Survival Guide, for those Without Green Thumbs

Photo by The Sill

Watering Guide

The Calatheas is a great plant for those that always forget to water their plant because it will remind you when it’s in desperate need of water. And by reminding you, we mean it’s leaves will curl inside of themselves to maintain their moisture. So when you start to notice the leaves are curl feel the soil and if it’s not damp, water the plant in the sink allowing it to drain freely without trapping water. If you water your plant in its decorative pot it will sit in its excess water and eventually turn yellow and get past the point of return.

Light Guide

This plant is a true indoor plant that can be in indirect sunlight all day long! Our favorite place to out ours is on our coffee table right next to our large living room windows. If you notice the leaves turning brown and your watering is on point then your pot most likely needs less direct sun.

House Plant Survival Guide, for those Without Green Thumbs

Photo by The Sill

Calatheas Care Tips

With Calatheas dust is not your friend. Since the plant’s origin is a tropical climate it does not breathe well if you allow dust to pile up. We know where your head is going right now, if you are thinking “I can’t even remember to dust my dresser” we understand and can relate. What helps us to get this task done is to gently run some water over the leaves and there you go you are in business.

Okay, have we convinced you that the Calatheas is a great first plant even for those without green thumbs? Great!! Let us know in the comments what plant we should cover next?! 

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