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Apr 01, 2015

Glitter Easter Egg DIY

We’re putting a (sparkly) spin on your classic dyed eggs to make this Easter Egg DIY extra special for your kids – or you! – to enjoy! In pretty pastel pinks, lavenders, and blues, we first dyed our eggs. Then, we took them to the next level with some gold glitter patterns. All the easy steps to these ultra pretty eggs are right here – so create and use for decor – or the Easter egg hunt – this week!

What You Need

Mod Podge
Food coloring
A spoon

 Glitter Easter Egg Craft


1. Fill your containers with water and mix with vinegar. This will dilute the food coloring. Adds drops of food coloring into your containers. We chose to dye our eggs pink, lavender, and aqua – with a mix of blue and green drops!



Glitter Easter Egg Craft


2. Place your eggs in the containers. Let them sit and move them around with your spoon, so the entire egg can be covered – you can keep adding dye until your eggs are the desired shade.



Glitter Easter Egg Craft


3. Once your eggs are dyed the color you would like them to be, take them out of the water and let them dry.

4. Once dried, decide what pattern you would like your glitter to be in. For our first one, we decided to dip the bottom half of the egg in glitter. Take your tape and wrap it around the middle of your egg.



Glitter Easter Egg Craft


5. Add a few drops of water to the Mod Podge to dilute it. Take your paintbrush, dip it in Mod Podge, and brush it on to the bottom half of the egg.



Glitter Easter Egg Craft

6. Pour the glitter on to the brushed part of the egg. After it is fully covered in glitter and has dried, you may peel the tape off of the egg….and you’re done!!


Glitter Easter Egg Craft


To make polka dots or striped eggs, paint the Mod Podge wherever you want the glitter to stick!



Glitter Easter Egg Craft Glitter Easter Egg Craft


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