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Oct 12, 2020

Designer Gillian Segal shares her tips on how to decorate your small space like a pro

Is there anything quite as difficult as figuring out how to decorate your small space and maximize its design, and functionality?! We would say no, definitely, not. So, we thought what would be a better way to solve this problem than enlisting the help of a pro. Thankfully, designer Gillian Segal, is here to help, by sharing her tips on how to decorate your small space like a pro. Scroll on to read her best tips…

Obstacles + Solutions!

Generally, the biggest obstacle is delivering on the clients’ wishlist for form and function – with limited space, this often requires more thoughtful and creative solutions. One strategy we use to tackle this is ensuring we select pieces that can do, “double duty.” Think of a side table that is movable and can act as a stool for an extra guest or upholstered swivel dining chairs that are comfortable enough to be brought into the living room for additional seating. With floor space being limited, we also try to take advantage of the wall space, often in the form of built-in millwork. With a small space having a place to store everything is key to avoid the space looking and feeling cluttered and chaotic.


Decor Tips to Make a Room Look More Spacious!

Mirrors are a designer’s best friend! They reflect light and create the optical illusion of more space. This doesn’t need to be in the traditional form of a hanging mirror but you could also consider lining the back of bookshelves with mirrors or using the material in a less conventional way. I also find drawing the eye to the room’s vertical elements or ceiling height can help make a space feel larger. Things like full height drapery or a large vertical piece of art help to move the eye up and down.

Furniture Arrangements + Layout!

Really consider scale when purchasing your furniture for a small space. Try to focus on a few smaller-scale pieces (like a love seat and two small occasional chairs ) instead of one massive sectional. Having a variety of furnishings looks more interesting and creates the illusion of more space. Also, make sure to leave breathing room between the pieces – nothing makes a space feel smaller than to have each piece crammed together. Start minimal and you can always add.

Small Space Faux Pas!

Don’t cheap out when it comes to rug size! When you go up a size in a rug the price point can also jump up, and I find people are often tempted to opt for the smaller choice to save money. In a small space, I find a larger rug that can sit under all or the majority of your pieces make the space feel larger and more cohesive instead of chopping up the floor with a rug that is under-scaled.

Last Words!

Lighting is a great tool in any project. In a small space, incorporating different sources of light (a pendant and plugin sconce) helps create a more comfortable atmosphere but also draws your eye around the room. I mention pendant and plugin (or hardware) sconces because neither of these items takes up valuable floor space but enhances the mood and aesthetic.

Play with paint! Often people are scared to use darker hues in a small space, but I find that a darker accent wall can often create a sense of depth making the space feel larger. I love to do this in something rich and textural like a grasscloth wallpaper.

Did you love these tips on how to decorate your small space to maximize it’s function just as much as we did?! Let us know in the comments what you thought! 

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