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Jul 10, 2014

7 Moves for Bikini Abs from Blogilates

Ok, the pre-summer bikini prep had us in a routine for a bit… but now the mid-summer ice cream afternoons/snow-cone Sundays/4th of July parties have us wondering where all our hard work went! Well, for all of us who fell off the wagon (what can we say, summer treats are too yummy!) Cassey Ho from Blogilates has got our back.. literally these moves will work your back.. and your abs.. and obliques and all that good stuff too! Just follow these 6 exercises and watch your waist whittle and your muscles tighten and tone, bikini abs here we come!

7 Moves to Bikini Abs from Blogilates

Ok ok.. we have something else to fess up to.. one of our biggest motivations for working out is new gear of course! Cute workout gear like Cassey’s makes us want to strut to the park and perform our “shooting stars” (this move may end up being our favorite and least favorite!) with confidence! And if you’re looking for cool new workout accessories, we are loving our FlipBelt to hold our phone/ipod/money/keys etc. comfortably and securely while we’re working out! This is another one of our fave pieces in our workout wardrobe, and who doesn’t love a fun pair of shoes!

7 Moves to Bikini Abs from Blogilates

Advanced Plank

Begin on your hands and and your toes, hips lifted off the mat. Once stable, raise your right and and your left leg. Hold for 10 sec each side. Beginners, you can just try one leg or one hand at a time until your get more balanced!

Works core balance.

7 Moves to Bikini Abs from Blogilates

Ballerina Twist

Begin in a side plank, arm right underneath your shoulder. Look up at your hand.

7 Moves to Bikini Abs from Blogilates

Then follow your hand as it curves underneath your ribcage. When you do this, pike your butt into the air. Repeat 10-12 times each side.

Works obliques and shoulders.

7 Moves to Bikini Abs from Blogilates

Dolphin Plank

Begin in a low plank with forearms on the mat and toes behind you, hips up.

7 Moves to Bikini Abs from Blogilates

Using your core, pull your hips up and flatten your back. Then return to starting.

Try 12.

Works core.

7 Moves to Bikini Abs from Blogilates

L- Crunch

Bring your right leg straight up into the air and extend your left in front of you, hovering a few inches off the floor. Then crunch up with your hands supporting the nape of your neck.

Try 10 crunches with left leg up and 10 with right leg up.

Works upper abs and lower abs.

7 Moves to Bikini Abs from Blogilates

Crunch Twist

Begin with your right hand behind the neck, elbow wide, and the left arm reached forward.

7 Moves to Bikini Abs from Blogilates

Crunch and bring your elbow to your knee.

Then return to starting.

Try 20 each side.

Works abdominals.

7 Moves to Bikini Abs from Blogilates

Shooting Star

Cross your ankles and balance on your tailbone. Put your hands in a Charlie’s Angel style position and tap the mat on the left side.

7 Moves to Bikini Abs from Blogilates

Then reach the hands above your head, arms straight, and extend your legs out! Return to starting.

Try 12 total.

Works lower abs, core balance, and improves posture.




  • Claire Harvey

    This is definitely inspiring me to get up and workout! Love the workout top so cute!

  • Austen Peterson

    Count me in!

  • Fabiola Magdaleno

    The workout outfit is so cute and comfortable! I want to start working out now 🙂

  • Ally Streelman

    I should start this today… love that you don’t need any weights or other tools!

  • Brooke

    She makes it look so easy! Definitely trying this routine tonight 🙂

  • Julie

    I get so bored of doing the same moves all the time! Thanks for these IBT and Blogilates! 🙂

  • Laura

    Love these moves and that I don’t need any equipment for them!

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