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Apr 26, 2018

8 Fun Activities For A Great Group Date

Now that the weather is warm and the days are longer, we have more energy and are more apt for after work activities. So, we’re filling up our social calendars with as many fun things as possible – and the more people the merrier! Whether your squad is full of couples, or you are looking for a casual way to get to know someone in a group setting, these fun activities make for a great group date! So, grab your S.O. and his friends, or that could-be-more crush and his pals and start checking off this fun-filled list.

Photo by Jen Wojcik

1. Baseball Game

Tis’ the season for ballparks and baseball caps! A sporting event, but especially a baseball game, is the perfect casual opportunity to meet & greet with the group over hot dogs – and the game always serves as a great talking point!

2. Have a Bonfire

Whether you live by the beach or simply have a backyard, you can rent a fire pit and set up ‘camp’. The firelight instantly creates an atmosphere where people are prone to chat and get to know one another. Plus, no one can pass up an invite for s’mores!

3. An Escape Room

An escape room is the ultimate bonding experience! We recently tried out The Escape Game and it couldn’t have been more exciting -we were on an adrenaline high the rest of the day! Wether you’re trying to get to the gold before the mob does or breakout from jail, you’ll learn valuable skills and competitive traits in the people you team up with.

4. Taco Tuesday

There’s no better excuse to get together than tacos and margs, amiright?! Hit up happy hour on a Tuesday to ensure your date and his friends are as into your favorite food & drink as you are ;).

Photo by Lisa Renault

5. Go on A Hike

Get your thrill in nature with a fun hike to a waterfall or sweeping view! If you live an active lifestyle, it’s a great way to set the tone for outdoor activities in the future.

6. Beer Tasting

Get your hops by hopping around breweries for flights of their best craft brews! This is sure to get all the guys on board, and you may be pleasantly surprised with a new favorite type.

7. Go to A Concert

This season, there are so many fun concerts happening – especially at outdoor amphitheaters where you can get cheap tickets and stick together on the lawn. Find a band everyone will love and rally the troops!

8. Boozy Brunch

Nothing’s easier to get people to attend than a fun brunch – booze included! Grab mimosas & bloodys at a favorite spot, and who knows, maybe the morning will lead to more fun throughout the day!

What are your best group date ideas? For more inspiration, we highly recommend these outdoor date ideas too!

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